29 January 2011

New Loom

Ok....so I've been sick and out of commission...not much knitting going on although I have done a little spinning.  And....I warped the new loom and finally finished the scarf.  Scarf is Noro lace and silk....very different experience, but a good one.  Have I mentioned I love my new loom.  Back to bed I go.

19 January 2011

Wondering Thoughts on a Wednesday

Ok....breakfast at my place today.  You never know who will stop by.  Those of your who have seen my backyard know that any number of small woodland, rodent type creatures live with me....and of course...many birds.  Also, I could not throw away the Christmas tree, as it's still so fresh...so it's on the deck.  The birds love it and I'm guessing in turn now love me too.

Now, I know that it's not a good idea to have heavy tree limbs over power lines.  And I know that these must periodically be cut....however, is this necessary? This is the next street over.  I'm shocked at how horrible this looks.  I hope the owners wanted it this way. 
Thoughts anyone?  Is it just me who hates this so much?  It really gets me worked up.  One of the things I love about my neighborhood is all the beautiful, big, old trees.

Ashlyn and I ventured out Sunday to see the new flick 'The Green Hornet'.  I am not adding it to my recently viewed list because I do not think it was worthy of any stars.  We were both disappointed.....and that's from me AND and 18 year old.

I have recently gotten hooked on a new author, Susanna Kearsley, who is a Canadian living near Lake Ontario.  As if that didn't grab my attention enough, she writes historical fiction mixed with a current day storyline.  Love it.  Her research is very good and the character development is spot on.  Check out 'The Winter Sea', set on the north eastern coast of Scotland at Slains Castle.  I'm currently working on 'Season of Storms'.  Hard to find her books here, but I'm working on it and it appears that the US is catching on.  Cheers!

Side note:  The loom is here.  It is assembled and awaits. 

16 January 2011

Tennessee Fibre and Food Field Trip

Ok.....so Saturday....Jan, Darlene and I took a field trip to Chattanooga (technically Cleveland) to R&M Yarns to buy fibre on cones, in bulk, too much, what were we thinking.....seriously, what was I thinking....they had control.  My goal was to pick up fibre for weaving and I did and I'm very happy with my purchase....now I have to get to work to skein it and or wind it....  The reality is in the photo....it's sad but true....we purchased close to 80 pounds of fibre...

The next stop while 'on the road' was lunch, because you know driving and shopping does that to you....so we went downtown to a place suggested by Lynne Vogel ( a handspun artist) called Bluegrass Grill...however they had already closed.  We were still on Central time and they were not going that route.  So, it was suggested we try The Terminal Brewhouse.  We go expecting pub food and get a pleasant surprise.  Excellent home made items.  Darlene went with the black bean burger, while Jan and I split an appetizer of pizza rolls, black bean hummus, cheese dip and a feta/pine nut spread on bread......with soup and salad.  It was amazing....very unexpected, and a definite do over.  The space is groovy, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun, there is an outdoor patio on the second level and the beer was good (Darlene did sample).

Note:  this area of downtown had art on the sidewalks, very cool to check out while moving from the closed restaurant to the open one.

Next stop, Genuine Purl.  We decided to give this local yarn shop a check....always good to do, you never know what you will find.  The shop was small, but had a good variety of Rowan yarn and the basics.  There was nothing local or unusual.  We perused and then moved on.

The drive.....what can I say.  I'm so glad there was snow on the ground for this drive.  Originally we did not know for sure if we would make the drive this weekend because of weather....but the roads over the mountain were fine and the scenery gorgeous.  We had beautiful sunny skies on the way down, but cloudy on the way home. 

The moral of this story.....sometimes you just have to get the gals, a Starbucks, a loose plan and your knitting and get in the car for a field trip.....sometimes, it just has to be done.  Looking forward to many more this year.

14 January 2011

Long Overdue

Ok....so I thought I had posted the Canadian Christmas Visit pics, but I was reminded I had not.  So it's a little Christmas, a little late. Here are just a few.

12 January 2011

New Stuff

Ok...snow day weaving....playing with stash fibres....

Please note, the Nashville Public Library is taking food in place of dollars for payment of fines January 10th - 20th....good time to help out and pay off your fines.  I couldn't believe the numbers I was hearing while waiting in line today....seriously $123.00 in fines...seriously, you can't take your books back for that long?  And why does the library let him keep taking books out....clearly there is an issue.  But really....the program is great...if you have fines....wipe them out with some canned goods.

On another note, I heard from Anna Marie of the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Folks and the hospice sale was a success.  I believe they sold almost everything and mine did go.  I'm so glad.  I'm going to start putting things away for next year.

10 January 2011


Ok....so it's a snow day here in Nashville.  Love it.  I know that most of you southerners would rather not, but I love the snow....now it seems like winter.  And the light in my house is amazing reflecting off the snow.  What a beautiful day.

Ok....this has to be said....I don't care if you're a southerner or a northerner...if you have to drive or just want to in snow, you MUST clean the snow off your windows.  This should be a ticketable (is that a word?) offense.  Clearing off what you can reach in front of your face is not enough...you have to clear off the back and side windows too....yes you...the idiot who's yelling at the driver you hit because you couldn't see out your window.  Come on people....

Another thought....have any of you seen all the gulls that hang out in the Kmart parking lot at the Nolensville Road/Harding Place intersection?  I feel like I've missed something.

So Saturday whilst spinning with the gals, Bonnie told me about this concept that we all actually know about, but I think it's worth a reminder here.  Also, I knew of the concept but not the word.  And you all know how I love words and sounds.

A lagniappe (pronounced /ˈlænjæp/ LAN-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th donut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, "something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure. The word is chiefly used in the Gulf Coast of the United States, especially Louisiana.

I love this.  I know that merchants do it  so you will remember them and go back to purchase more....but for me there is something bigger in this ritual/tradition....seems a little like, pay it forward.  I love surprises and to me this is just another way to put a smile on someones face.  Basically doing something or giving something unexpected.  Not only does it feel good to get it....it feels amazing to do it.  So, for 2011...how about a little lagniappe....a crackerjack prize....a blue moon....a little something extra from me to you. 

On that note, the loom is on it's way.  Not a huge surprise for me since I ordered it, but most certainly a great prize.

PS.....Superwash BFL...JanRoving....love it!

06 January 2011

A Spin of the Irish

Ok....so back in November I did a swap through Ravelry that hooked me up with Hazel in Dublin...what a great surprise and gift to be doing a swap with someone international.  I received some beautiful aran yarn, a spindle and 4 bags of roving.  One you've already seen....the fiesta colored pencil roving, here are the other three; natural BFL, natural black welsh and a funky green mesh of wool with specs of fibre color.  All were different and fun to spin....what a great opportunity to spin something different.  And, I'm learning that I can learn and go with the spinning flow.

05 January 2011

Spinning into the New Year or What I Learned in 2010

Ok....so these are the hanks I finished over the new year holiday...the spinning is holding me and I'm so excited about the natural roving I got while away.  More to come on that soon. 

So, 2010....I learned to drop spin, to ply, to weave, to wind on a nostepinne (just barely the last day of the year), to knit socks toe up, to continental knit, to felt a little better, to identify more sheep and fibre bearing animals, there are really no moose in Vermont, Ben & Jerry's is fattening, I love dirty martinis, I am a Godmother (I know...images of a wand with a star on top and me singing, "Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo" are freaking you all out....but I do look good in my tiera don't I?)......  What a wonderful year of learning and experiencing for me....

For 2011, I would like to learn to make tea from leaves that I can actually drink, weave patterns, spin on a wheel, dye fibre, rid my yard of moles, oh the list is too long......the projects too many...  I would also like to go to more fibre festivals and knit more for charity.  So much to do, so little time.

Here's to 2011....a year filled with learning, fibre, friends and my family.