19 January 2011

Wondering Thoughts on a Wednesday

Ok....breakfast at my place today.  You never know who will stop by.  Those of your who have seen my backyard know that any number of small woodland, rodent type creatures live with me....and of course...many birds.  Also, I could not throw away the Christmas tree, as it's still so fresh...so it's on the deck.  The birds love it and I'm guessing in turn now love me too.

Now, I know that it's not a good idea to have heavy tree limbs over power lines.  And I know that these must periodically be cut....however, is this necessary? This is the next street over.  I'm shocked at how horrible this looks.  I hope the owners wanted it this way. 
Thoughts anyone?  Is it just me who hates this so much?  It really gets me worked up.  One of the things I love about my neighborhood is all the beautiful, big, old trees.

Ashlyn and I ventured out Sunday to see the new flick 'The Green Hornet'.  I am not adding it to my recently viewed list because I do not think it was worthy of any stars.  We were both disappointed.....and that's from me AND and 18 year old.

I have recently gotten hooked on a new author, Susanna Kearsley, who is a Canadian living near Lake Ontario.  As if that didn't grab my attention enough, she writes historical fiction mixed with a current day storyline.  Love it.  Her research is very good and the character development is spot on.  Check out 'The Winter Sea', set on the north eastern coast of Scotland at Slains Castle.  I'm currently working on 'Season of Storms'.  Hard to find her books here, but I'm working on it and it appears that the US is catching on.  Cheers!

Side note:  The loom is here.  It is assembled and awaits. 

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Katherine Hall said...

Need pics of the new loom...