29 September 2013

Spinning Moon Farm

Ok....gorgeous balls of fibre from Spinning Moon Farm....I've been having a ball spinning...  Love the fibre prep and enjoyed meeting and talking with Edie at the Festival.  Hope she'll join us at Fiber in the Boro next year.



Prairie Lady

Choctaw Ridge


25 September 2013

First Day of School

Ok....so in Canada, school starts at pre-K with 4 year olds....  I was lucky enough to be there for the first morning.  I know it's so often said...but seriously, where has the time gone.

19 September 2013

My Little Monkey

Ok...how much do I love this kid.....  He marches to his own drummer and I love that about him....

Enjoying a rainy day ride.

Spinning with me.

Geared up for the game.

17 September 2013

Havelock Rail

Ok.....so you already know I love Ontario and all the little towns.....now Havelock isn't postcard perfect, but there is a rail yard......lots of track.....a caboose....a few engines.....and let's be honest, trains make the little monkey very happy, hence Kuma is very happy.

15 September 2013

The Roseneath Carousel

Ok....so this visit we all made it to the Roseneath Carousel...

  "This Carousel was built in 1906 in Abilene, Kansas by C.W. Parker who was known as the king in  he manufacture of amusement rides.  It consists of 40 basswood horses, 3 abreast , and 2 metal boats. The centre row has Herschell/Spillman or Armitage/Herschell horses. The inside and outside rows have Parker Jumper Horses.  It is balanced
from a centre post and is powdered by a 5 hp electric motor. Through a series of belts and clutches, it travels at approximately 4 miles per hour."
......of course we all had a ride, a laugh and a wonderful afternoon.


12 September 2013


Ok....so I love Ontario...the rolling hills, the lake, farms and animals, fog, apple harvest, corn harvest and.....a pristine view of the Milky Way....  Of course, the fact that my little man is there, doesn't hurt one bit. 

09 September 2013


Ok....so Frankenmuth is a little Bavarian town in Michigan that we used to visit a lot as kids.  It's been a long time since I've been, but Rick has renewed my interest because of a lovely little olive oil shop and Tiffany's....for the best Chicken Portabella Marsala Pizza....yum!!!  Just a few shots of the covered bridge....lovely area.

06 September 2013

Sand Castle

Ok....when Jan and I had our lovely walk on the beach, we came across several wonderful additions....this beautiful sand castle village and so many nice people with dogs....needless to say the beach was lovely, the water beautiful and so calm.......much fun to enjoy!