24 November 2011

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Ok....so I decided to take a couple of days off this week, one of those being yesterday.  So, rather than sit and knit (pleasing activity), spin (relaxing activity) or read (exciting activity).....I ran errands near the mall.  Now most of you know by now that the mall during the holidays scares me.  I avoid it....I don't want to be upset with people who apparently want to do this to themselves.  So, I went yesterday and it wasn't too scary. 
Here is what I witnessed:

1.  Jo-Ann Etc - Christmas has exploded.  I know it did weeks ago because I was there when it happened, but it's truly out of control.  The 50% off gilded ornaments are flying off the shelves.  I had a return and purchased a picture frame....simple enough....15 minute wait in line...not too bad.  Side note.....I saw a woman leave wearing a purple and pink lame tee-shirt that read "I love (heart symbol) turkey." It had a picture of a cooked bird on a platter. Really? Seriously? Was this going too far?

2.  Half Off Books - Now I rarely go into the store, although it screams at me, being filled with books, however, they don't really have anything I'm looking for.  This time, I did find one book, talked with a very nice book store employee man who gave recommendations for some young adult books and I walked through aisles filled with books.....  Seriously,  can't be bad.

3.  Marty and Liz - Ok, periodically I have to take a turn through this store just in case there is a pair of shoes I've missed.  I know, I have plenty.  I know, I have missed plenty.  But it's the shoe game I play with myself.  This is where I saw a man and his boy child (about 2-3 years old).  The child was lying on a bench and his father was leaning over him laying down the law.  "If I let you down, you won't crawl on the floor?" Head shake no. "If I let you down you won't lick the shelves?  Because if I see one lick, we're leaving and your mother can finish without you."  How do you keep from falling out laughing when you hear this?  You pay for your one pair of shoes, just one....and how it until you make it outside.  Then you laugh and talk to yourself so everyone can stare and point.  What else?

4.  TJ Maxx - quick stop here for a pie plate.  While in line to check out (wasn't too bad), there was a man before me returning something and a Hispanic woman before him with a young boy and very small girl in the cart.  The little girl was precious....yes, precious...from her little lace socks to her pierced ears, humongous brown eyes and two little teeth.  The man before me was smiling and she had her full flirt on....then....he spoke Spanish to her.  It was amazing.  This man and this tiny child smiling at each other and laughing.  Now that was worth the wait in line.

5.  A quick stop at Jersey Mike's for a sandwich and I was on my way home.  By this time it's 3pm, the day is almost over and I still have a pedicure to look forward to.  I might add here that I usually knit or read during my pedicure....this time I chose to read (reading a wonderful book called, People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks)....and the people at the shop were disappointed because they always want to see what I'm knitting.  Actually I've started several of them knitting....lots of socks and scarves coming from those gals.

So, although my day was very busy (many uneventful stops between)....it was also happy.  I saw people being kind and connecting.  Wonderful thing to see this time of year.  To all of you....Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours....from my family to yours.  Enjoy connecting with each other all over again.

14 November 2011

The Facebook Plunge

Ok....I've finally started a facebook page for Blue Leaf Arts.  I know, I know....but you never know.  Stop by, take a look.  Also, remember that I'm posting periodically regarding Blue Leaf Arts on the page linked to the left.  And my patterns are located on the page (also in the link to the left). 

This weekend, the wind has been wicked here.  I have wind chimes.  I love wind chimes....my neighbors probably hate me for having wind chimes, but I love the sound.  There is something soothing about the bamboo....  The other chimes are metal and the pitch is enjoyable.  All night long I hear the chimes from the back yard....all day while I work, I hear the ones by the office.....ah....home, the wine and my chimes. 
Speaking of the yard....it's gorgeous this time of year.  The photo is of the back yard along with my visiting cat.  I do not know her name, but she visits frequently.  Sometimes when I leave the garage door open (as I often like to)....I will find yarn in the driveway....   Sometimes I see her on the deck ready to pounce and next thing I know the squirrels are scattering.  Now....one of the things I like about my yard is the wildlife....plenty to keep me entertained.  So, I wasn't too nuts about this chick chasing the squirrels until I realized that she might be why I didn't see many moles this year.....   So, I have decided to let her chase...as long as the moles stay away.

10 November 2011

Fall and the Pears

Ok....so this beautiful fall just keeps on giving back here in Nashville.  It's been a long time since I've seen such color here.  The temps are wonderful.....leading to spinning on the deck with a fire going. 
Now if it would just be light a little longer in the evening so I could actually enjoy the deck after work.  I'm not a fan of dark coming at 5pm.

However, I have had the opportunity to get out with the top down....have to love that.  And the Bradford Pears are turning red.....any of you livinig here know this city is filled with these trees.....so.....gorgeous.

07 November 2011

Dye Job

Ok.....so I did it....I actually participated in dyeing some yarn.  Eek!!! 
Saturday past, a group of gals from the Nashville Spinsters and elsewhere rolled out to Three Creeks Farm, thanks to Beth and Steve and we made colors of our yarn.  Animals...check.  Gorgeous day....check.  Large pots....check.  Onion skins......check.  It was a perfect day to be outdoors and as usual a fun group. 
I was not sure at all what I was doing, or how to do it or anything for that matter....but everyone was kind and helpful and we all learned a lot.  Some beautiful yarn emerged.
Here are pics of my hanks which are nothing compared to others.....but I'm proud.  After all the rinsing plenty of color stayed.  Once I got home, I spent an hour rinsing yarn and hanging it outside.  Fortunately, the weather is great and everything could be outside all night and day.

04 November 2011

Ghost in the Machine

Ok....so sometimes, when the work day is done and I'm exhausted, all that sounds good is to put the TV on and knit....  At my house however, there is a ghost in the machine....my TV to be specific.  For some reason, my TV and someone's ham radio or phone or whatever...are on the same wavelength.  This is all the entertainment I need sometimes.  The voice belongs to a man, very craggy and very, very southern.  Not Nashville southern, but redneck southern....does this make sense?  Of course I only hear one side of the conversation, but it's hilarious....  Just so you all know....somewhere on 46 there is someplace REALLY readnecky according to the voice.  I wonder does he hear my TV?  Does he think, were is that crap coming from?  Does he like Grey's Anatomy?  Ah.....the quiet evenings with my redneck TV buddy.

01 November 2011

1st Murfreesboro Fibre Fest (aka Fiber in the Boro)

Ok....so what a great event.  I think I'm safe in saying that fun was had by all, that many shoppers went home very happy, that many vendors went home very happy and that finally the organizers of this event, Jan, Darlene and Meredith....can rest easy. 
The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.  It was wonderful to meet so many new people and a joy to chat with so many old friends.  I hope everyone had as good a time as I did...chime in.  What did you go home with?  And how about the spinning circle...great idea!!!

My morning started off with a felted sheep building class. 
Ok....I know what you're thinking, but I've been dying to take this class since I saw the little things at the Dickson Fiber Festival. 
I had a blast.  I sat at a table with Nancy, Susan and Patricia....we did have a good time.  I didn't think to take pictures of the stages of this sheep building, but here are a few.  At one point, he was totally a troll sheep, but slowly his mane relaxed and he blossomed into the sheep I knew he could be.  Seriously, what fun we had.

Next I taught a drop spinning class with Darlene.  Once again, we had fun.  Yes, I know I was the teacher and on the other side, but what fun.  It's amazing to watch students develop into spinners before your eyes.  Everyone left with a small hank of possibility.  And from what I saw afterward, they were all planning to continue their new found skill.

Although I did not get a chance to eat the food provided by The Blue Porch, I heard it was amazing.  Looking forward to that next year. 
And, the door prizes....seems like everyone enjoyed that....what a great idea.  Anyone know who got my cards?

Of course, being the autumn junkie that I am....the weather being so beautiful just added to this outstanding day.  How about that fog in the am?  My car found it's way to Murfreesboro without much visibility, but what a gorgeous morning. 

So, there were animals...fun to watch as usual, but when the spitting started, I was out of there.

So thank you to everyone who vended and taught, cooked and directed and most of all to the amazing volunteers.....what is the world without volunteers.  Looking forward to next year already!