14 November 2011

The Facebook Plunge

Ok....I've finally started a facebook page for Blue Leaf Arts.  I know, I know....but you never know.  Stop by, take a look.  Also, remember that I'm posting periodically regarding Blue Leaf Arts on the page linked to the left.  And my patterns are located on the page (also in the link to the left). 

This weekend, the wind has been wicked here.  I have wind chimes.  I love wind chimes....my neighbors probably hate me for having wind chimes, but I love the sound.  There is something soothing about the bamboo....  The other chimes are metal and the pitch is enjoyable.  All night long I hear the chimes from the back yard....all day while I work, I hear the ones by the office.....ah....home, the wine and my chimes. 
Speaking of the yard....it's gorgeous this time of year.  The photo is of the back yard along with my visiting cat.  I do not know her name, but she visits frequently.  Sometimes when I leave the garage door open (as I often like to)....I will find yarn in the driveway....   Sometimes I see her on the deck ready to pounce and next thing I know the squirrels are scattering.  Now....one of the things I like about my yard is the wildlife....plenty to keep me entertained.  So, I wasn't too nuts about this chick chasing the squirrels until I realized that she might be why I didn't see many moles this year.....   So, I have decided to let her chase...as long as the moles stay away.

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