01 November 2011

1st Murfreesboro Fibre Fest (aka Fiber in the Boro)

Ok....so what a great event.  I think I'm safe in saying that fun was had by all, that many shoppers went home very happy, that many vendors went home very happy and that finally the organizers of this event, Jan, Darlene and Meredith....can rest easy. 
The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.  It was wonderful to meet so many new people and a joy to chat with so many old friends.  I hope everyone had as good a time as I did...chime in.  What did you go home with?  And how about the spinning circle...great idea!!!

My morning started off with a felted sheep building class. 
Ok....I know what you're thinking, but I've been dying to take this class since I saw the little things at the Dickson Fiber Festival. 
I had a blast.  I sat at a table with Nancy, Susan and Patricia....we did have a good time.  I didn't think to take pictures of the stages of this sheep building, but here are a few.  At one point, he was totally a troll sheep, but slowly his mane relaxed and he blossomed into the sheep I knew he could be.  Seriously, what fun we had.

Next I taught a drop spinning class with Darlene.  Once again, we had fun.  Yes, I know I was the teacher and on the other side, but what fun.  It's amazing to watch students develop into spinners before your eyes.  Everyone left with a small hank of possibility.  And from what I saw afterward, they were all planning to continue their new found skill.

Although I did not get a chance to eat the food provided by The Blue Porch, I heard it was amazing.  Looking forward to that next year. 
And, the door prizes....seems like everyone enjoyed that....what a great idea.  Anyone know who got my cards?

Of course, being the autumn junkie that I am....the weather being so beautiful just added to this outstanding day.  How about that fog in the am?  My car found it's way to Murfreesboro without much visibility, but what a gorgeous morning. 

So, there were animals...fun to watch as usual, but when the spitting started, I was out of there.

So thank you to everyone who vended and taught, cooked and directed and most of all to the amazing volunteers.....what is the world without volunteers.  Looking forward to next year already!


Katherine Hall said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts this last week...beautiful pictures, descriptions, humour...takes me back to our Smoky Mountain trips together! What a wonderful way to spend weekends! Thank you for posting and sharing these memories!

Liana said...

Great pics. As I was going through them it made me feel as if I was walking through the event. I'm extremely happy that it was such a success and I'll be there next year.