07 November 2011

Dye Job

Ok.....so I did it....I actually participated in dyeing some yarn.  Eek!!! 
Saturday past, a group of gals from the Nashville Spinsters and elsewhere rolled out to Three Creeks Farm, thanks to Beth and Steve and we made colors of our yarn.  Animals...check.  Gorgeous day....check.  Large pots....check.  Onion skins......check.  It was a perfect day to be outdoors and as usual a fun group. 
I was not sure at all what I was doing, or how to do it or anything for that matter....but everyone was kind and helpful and we all learned a lot.  Some beautiful yarn emerged.
Here are pics of my hanks which are nothing compared to others.....but I'm proud.  After all the rinsing plenty of color stayed.  Once I got home, I spent an hour rinsing yarn and hanging it outside.  Fortunately, the weather is great and everything could be outside all night and day.


Karen said...

Looks like the dye job worked!

Liana said...

Such beautiful colors!! It was a gorgeous day for that and to think you were just a hop, skip and a jump from me :-)