30 October 2012

Weaving 101

Ok.....so first, these photos are coming late and second....what a great class this was.  October 14th, a group of 5 met at Haus of Yarn to learn to weave...yes, from me.  We talk, laughed, warped and wefted (I know that's not a word), but in the end...we learned how to weave.  Every time I teach a class I'm amazed at how much I learn from the students.  What a great bunch!

Fall, Fibre and Pumpkins...

Ok...so it's fall in Tennessee...which is gorgeous.  I know you all hear me gripe about the summers here, but seriously...fall is wonderful.  At this moment it's a bit chilly, but sunny and beautiful.  I hope everyone was able to get outside last week when it was warm and sunny and colorful outside.  Now, you all also know that I'm not a fan of the color orange, but in the fall....all bets are off....orange is beautiful.  And for some reason, this year....many of the trees are orange. 
Recently I took a drive to McMinnville and witnessed fall in full glory through the hills.  Take the drive if you have time...grab a coffee and enjoy the scenery.

I've continued to spin like crazy and have finished a batt I made with Daily Fiber's spring greens and a silk brick from Moonlight and Laughter.  Just a little angelina for sparks and I think it's come out nicely.

25 October 2012

Fibre Growth

Ok....so I've been spinning llama.  Some of you saw the start of this project at spinning and might have heard some unsavory words coming from my mouth.  Well, the spinning is finished, but the language got worse before it was over. 
There was so much VM in the fibre that I spent most of the spinning time picking it out, then I spent most of the plying time picking it out, then I spent most of the winding time picking it out....and as it dries in the sun today, I see even more.  I'm sure it will fall out as I knit or some of you will stop me when you see me wearing the sweater and pick it out.....yes, it's that bad. 
Originally I thought it was the llama from one particular farm, but no...two batches, two different farm....same overload of VM.  The good news is, I am currently finished.  What was left has been put away for a different time.  So I have some bulky yarn for a sweater, which is always amazing to me....even after two years of spinning. 
PS....if you see VM in these photos, please don't tell me.  I've either already picked it out or would just rather not know until it pokes me.

Now, because of all the aforementioned picking, there is fibre all over the deck.  The birds and squirrels are having a party at my place.  And, a little fibre made it into the planting....if only it would actually grow.

On another note, why is it that all the plants in my yard look the best just before they're about to die? 

15 October 2012

Ah, Disney....

Ok...so the remainder of the trip was spent at the Vero Beach Disney Resort, compliments of my dear cousin Kathy....thank you for a relaxing week.

Now, here I was in Key West thinking....Vero Beach will not be as hot, because it's north, much further north....ha.....ridiculous thoughts.  It was exactly the same...hot, humid, steamy, hot and more humid....but, with the ocean outside the door, all seemed worth the sweat.  Needless to say the beach time was amazing, the drives and meals were wonderful and the kids were so much fun.

I was on wildlife alert at all times, but no alligators for me or sea turtles....although I did see plenty of eggs and nests.  I did see dolphins, which was beautiful.  I heard of many shark sightings from the beach while I was at the pool, but other than a washed up baby hammerhead....I did not actually see Jaws.

Also, I did not see any of the Disney characters, which is a good thing for them and me, since I think I would rather see Jaws. 
PS...four books were consumed and four socks were made during the course of this week. 

12 October 2012

Fiber in the Boro

Ok...so, it's October and time for the second annual Fiber in the Boro, in Murfreesboro, TN October 19 & 20, 2012.  An annual Fiber Festival with classes and demonstrations and lots of local artists and farmers selling their fibery wares.  We’ll have door prizes and fun activities for the whole family.
Blue Leaf Arts will be there along with so many wonderful vendors and participants...come check it out.
At Lane Agri-Park Community Center
315 John R. Rice Blvd.
Fri - Classes all day, Sat - 10am –5pm
Night market Friday 5-8 pm and Market all day Saturday 10-5 pm


10 October 2012

To the West....Key West That Is......

Ok....so Florida this time of year sounded like a great idea....however....Florida is still Florida and no matter which way you cut it, 100% humidity is just that....HUMID. 

So, off I go anyway....oblivious to the fact that the average temps on weather.com were for some other time space continuum and not for this one or this year.  I melt....I know I have said I couldn't, but I did....melt just waiting for the rental car at the Fort Lauderdale airport....but soon enough I was on my way to Key West. 

My list of travel places has always included driving the inter-coastal bridges that connect the keys.  Being the water chick that I am....this was a must do.  I was not disappointed.  So beautiful to be over water for so long. 

Key West was hot, sticky, sunny, humid...did I say hot....but I decided to make the best of it and enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this place that seemed so far away.  Here's to the beautiful architecture, island music and oysters on the half shell....
The history in this place is amazing and although I didn't have a lot of time to explore museums, the evidence is on every street, face, bite and sound.  Until I got there, I did not realize I was closer to Havana than Miami while there.  The island isn't big, but it is bold in everything it does. 
And the chickens....they were everywhere...it was so different from anything I'm used to and even as I write this I'm smiling at how wonderful that different was.