30 October 2012

Fall, Fibre and Pumpkins...

Ok...so it's fall in Tennessee...which is gorgeous.  I know you all hear me gripe about the summers here, but seriously...fall is wonderful.  At this moment it's a bit chilly, but sunny and beautiful.  I hope everyone was able to get outside last week when it was warm and sunny and colorful outside.  Now, you all also know that I'm not a fan of the color orange, but in the fall....all bets are off....orange is beautiful.  And for some reason, this year....many of the trees are orange. 
Recently I took a drive to McMinnville and witnessed fall in full glory through the hills.  Take the drive if you have time...grab a coffee and enjoy the scenery.

I've continued to spin like crazy and have finished a batt I made with Daily Fiber's spring greens and a silk brick from Moonlight and Laughter.  Just a little angelina for sparks and I think it's come out nicely.

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