26 July 2010

Wool Wrap

Ok....I started this project when I returned from my wanderings in the north country.  I am perhaps....almost 50% complete and so far enjoying the lace work.  Thought I'd post a picture of where it stands so far.  It has a long way to go and as usual, I'm looking forward to the blocking process because it really finishes it off nicely.  I love this wool.  I'm surprised that I do, because I'm not a big fan of the wool around the neck, but this feels great.  The colors aren't evident in the picture, but it has flecks of every color on top of the navy.  This wool was purchased in Maryland at the festival from a Michigan yarn seller...love that.  Had to go all the way to Maryland to purchase the homegrown wool.  FYI....the line green stripe at the bottom is for the picot edge yet to come....but I'm groovin' on the green and navy together.

On a side note....I finished reading 'The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest' over the weekend.  Had to finish it because I couldn't put it down.  Really have enjoyed this series.  Wonderful characters and story line.  I have now seen the first movie and looking forward to the other two.  The second starts this week at the Belcourt in Nashville....perfect.  See you all there.

24 July 2010

Potato Chip

Ok...so last week I went to Haus of Yarn for knit night....first in about 6 weeks....and Liana was knitting a groovy scarf, called a Potato Chip scarf with mini mochi.  So cool....  Right there I decided that I had to make this.  So I picked up a ball of strawberries-lime rainbow and off I went.  It was easy, fun and quick.  A good quickie between the lace work.  I would to another in a heart beat and I hope the recipient enjoys it too.

This scarf is a gift for Kelly.  I remember when she was learning to crochet years ago, I made her one (very long) and this pattern reminded me of that great rainy afternoon....watching movies and knitting in Indianapolis.  I figured Kelly could use an upgrade by now.  I think I'll wait until fall to pass it along since it's so stinkin' hot right now.

On another note, I have started a secret project to be named when the recipient gets it.....

21 July 2010

Garden Witchery

Ok...so today I was commenting to Marlene with disgust about the state of my orchids and why they will NOT produce flowers for me.  I noted that my Mum's orchids are flowering for a second or third time and she does nothing.  She doesn't read books about what to do, she doesn't scan the Internet about how to care for them, she doesn't talk to everyone she knows about what she can do better.....they just flower.  So, we drew the following conclusion; my Mum has put a spell on her orchids, she has been weaving some magic over there for them to obey without so much as anything more than an ice cube of water...she has bewitched her yard.  As you can see from the flower photos I have posted from her yard....I am right.  No doubt about it, I did not inherit the garden witch gene.  I have the plant succulents (cacti) because they don't die gene...the non-green witch gene.

On another note...the lace scarf is finished and blocked....check it out.  I'm very happy with the result.  Note that I like to take pics of my work on the kitchen table so the patten shows...ha.  I've also added an updated pic of the orange scarf blocked.

Now off to knit some more lace.
PS....thank you to Kristin for the groovy coffee groupon...come drink it with me.

19 July 2010

Fair Isle

Ok....so I made a hat like this for Ashlyn and Sarah and now I've made one for Mum.  I love this pattern and the use of the Noro Kureyon makes it stripe beautifully.  I hope she enjoys this during the winter dig out in Michigan.

I have also finished the seamoss lace scarf and will be blocking tomorrow...hope to have pics up soon.  I have started a lace wrap in a blue heather wool I picked up from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  So far I'm very happy with the look and how it's knitting up.  Pics to come on that too.  Of course, I'm working on a pair of winter socks with yarn I picked up from Michigan.  Love the yarn, simple pattern and it's a great project for knit night since I can't seem to talk (of listen) and knit a pattern at the same time.  Was good to get back to see the gals at Haus of Yarn....but also missing my new knitting buddies in Michigan.  Boy is it HOT down here.

13 July 2010


Ok....so here are the Lily pictures promised a while ago.  I am back in hot, steamy Nashville and the a/c is now fixed.  I arrived home Sunday evening to no a/c and thanks to the Dyars...they saved me with a shower, pizza and a cool place to sleep.  They rock. 

Also had a great evening chat with the girls.  I had a wonderful lunch on Sunday (Taste of Thai on 82nd in Castleton) with Kelly...great food and conversation as usual.  Man I miss that woman.  The day had been going so well until then.  I should have known when the daisies I was transporting in the back seat wilted, that something was out of whack. 

Side note:  I have brought plants back from MI once more....and they are sitting in the driveway getting a TN soak.  I have all kinds of plans for these plants, but I always forget that the heat here this time of year is unforgiving...but I just can't resist WoJo's and their groovy plants.

So...here I am, taking a break from work to write, thinking about all the unpacking I still have to do and smiling at the memory of reading outside in Mum's garden.

09 July 2010

MexiFenton Soup

Ok...so this recipe is from Linda Moxam...she made it for me in December when we started the decorating of the Christmas tree....damn strings of tree lights...and drank wine.  I think it was the wine that got us through the light decorating part and I might add, the tree was tall....10', 20', 30' or 50'....it was tall.  It was a great evening!  I always enjoy my time with Linda and this particular time, there was an abundance of laughter and silliness...love that.  I've made this recipe several times and it's always a huge hit.  So here goes....

Chop two chicken boobies into bite size pieces and cook lightly in olive oil (I use my trusty Dutch Oven...all about the one pot cooking).  Add a chopped onion and saute until soft.  Add 4 cloves crushed garlic and saute for a couple of minutes.

Ok...here is the hard part...add one can of each of the following, do not drain:
Black Beans
Cannellini Beans
Creamed Corn
Sm can green chillies

Stir together with a packet of ranch dressing.

Simmer for a bout 20 minutes until all the flavors are incorporated.  I serve with blue corn chips, chopped cilantro and shredded Mexican cheese.  Yum!  And it looks pretty too.

Thank you Linda, once again for a great recipe.

08 July 2010


Ok...some of you know my very dear friend Rick had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago...he's home.  It's so good to see him again and he is doing very well.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers and all the support.  He has a long road of healing ahead of him, but he's on his way.  Miracles do happen.

These photos are from our trip to Martha's Vineyard.  Great memories and lobsta killing.  I'll look for the ones we're actually in at some point...

06 July 2010

Oh Canada...

Ok...so my trip to Canada...Colborne...to see the family and my 16 month old godson was fun and relaxing and most of all renewing.  That's how I always feel around my family...renewed.  I've posted some pics from the trip below. 
Before we get to the pics, let me just say that the trip home was great until I got to the US/Canada border at Port Huron/Sarnia.  Now, I've crossed this border more times than I can count since I was born and plenty on my own.  I've been stuck in the traffic waiting forever to cross, but I have never been pulled over before.  I remember being pulled over, or my Mum being pulled over when we were kids and the patrol going through every nook in the car, but never on my own and never as an adult.  Well....never say never.  I waited for 1 1/2 hours before getting fairly close to the booth on the US side...side note, the toll went up to $3...eeek.  One of the officers was talking to people before they got to the booth and sort of pre-screening.  Well, something about me and my car made him decide I needed further investigation.  He looked in the trunk, I told him I didn't have anything to declare other than the Smarties in the front seat....but that was not good enough.  He wasn't even convinced that my car was indeed, my car.  So once I got to the booth, more questions and then off to the screening area.  They x-rayed my car.  Another side note....the customs guys were all very nice and as Liana has pointed out...very cute.  It was an odd experience I would prefer not to repeat and it really shook me up.  So much so, that instead of taking I69 to Flint, I took I94 to Detroit.  So what should have been a 5 or maybe 6 hour trip, turned out to be 8.  Thank goodness I fueled,
got water and peed before getting to Sarnia.  But was it worth it.....oh yeah!!!!!!

Trent-Severn Locks 16-17                        Healey Falls

My little cutie pie
 Uncle Nick and I at Healey Falls