13 July 2010


Ok....so here are the Lily pictures promised a while ago.  I am back in hot, steamy Nashville and the a/c is now fixed.  I arrived home Sunday evening to no a/c and thanks to the Dyars...they saved me with a shower, pizza and a cool place to sleep.  They rock. 

Also had a great evening chat with the girls.  I had a wonderful lunch on Sunday (Taste of Thai on 82nd in Castleton) with Kelly...great food and conversation as usual.  Man I miss that woman.  The day had been going so well until then.  I should have known when the daisies I was transporting in the back seat wilted, that something was out of whack. 

Side note:  I have brought plants back from MI once more....and they are sitting in the driveway getting a TN soak.  I have all kinds of plans for these plants, but I always forget that the heat here this time of year is unforgiving...but I just can't resist WoJo's and their groovy plants.

So...here I am, taking a break from work to write, thinking about all the unpacking I still have to do and smiling at the memory of reading outside in Mum's garden.


dtrimbath said...

Your artwork is inspiring! gorgeous colors too! I would like some prints please.

Christina said...

You are so sweet. I love it. I got lucky in Mum's garden this year. You can have whatever you'd like.