06 July 2010

Oh Canada...

Ok...so my trip to Canada...Colborne...to see the family and my 16 month old godson was fun and relaxing and most of all renewing.  That's how I always feel around my family...renewed.  I've posted some pics from the trip below. 
Before we get to the pics, let me just say that the trip home was great until I got to the US/Canada border at Port Huron/Sarnia.  Now, I've crossed this border more times than I can count since I was born and plenty on my own.  I've been stuck in the traffic waiting forever to cross, but I have never been pulled over before.  I remember being pulled over, or my Mum being pulled over when we were kids and the patrol going through every nook in the car, but never on my own and never as an adult.  Well....never say never.  I waited for 1 1/2 hours before getting fairly close to the booth on the US side...side note, the toll went up to $3...eeek.  One of the officers was talking to people before they got to the booth and sort of pre-screening.  Well, something about me and my car made him decide I needed further investigation.  He looked in the trunk, I told him I didn't have anything to declare other than the Smarties in the front seat....but that was not good enough.  He wasn't even convinced that my car was indeed, my car.  So once I got to the booth, more questions and then off to the screening area.  They x-rayed my car.  Another side note....the customs guys were all very nice and as Liana has pointed out...very cute.  It was an odd experience I would prefer not to repeat and it really shook me up.  So much so, that instead of taking I69 to Flint, I took I94 to Detroit.  So what should have been a 5 or maybe 6 hour trip, turned out to be 8.  Thank goodness I fueled,
got water and peed before getting to Sarnia.  But was it worth it.....oh yeah!!!!!!

Trent-Severn Locks 16-17                        Healey Falls

My little cutie pie
 Uncle Nick and I at Healey Falls

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Katherine Hall said...

Having you here was so wonderful - coffee mornings, car trips, bbq-ing burgers, movies and talking. Not as long a trip as we would have liked but we will take what we can get! Mitchell's Cuma time was much needed, as was Kathy's Christina time. We love you, we miss you...please come back soon!