30 June 2010

Great White North

Ok....I had intended to keep writing while away....my sort of adventures, but this trip to Michigan took an unexpected turn.  My dear friend Rick (too many years to count) had a heart attack Friday evening and my thoughts have been preoccupied with his well-being.  I almost lost him.  But, he is off the respirator, sitting up and doing so much better.  His memory is suffering, but we keep prodding and hoping that soon the short term stuff will stick.  I am so thankful that he is doing so well.

Now...I am abandoning Rick to his mother and heading to Canada tomorrow...please let the border traffic be light and no, I do not have weapons, liquor or beef jerky to declare.  I'm looking forward to seeing my aunt, uncle, cousins.  I will try to post from there, but not sure how my time will work out as I'm sure I'll be knee deep in family fun.

Just a note....the lace scarf is coming along GREAT.  No pics yet...I'm waiting until I have it finished, but it looks great so far and I've managed to repeatedly pick up every stitch I dropped....yipes.

Happy Dominion Day to the Canadian family and Happy 4th to the Yanks and a very Happy Birthday to my dear, Ashlyn.  Happy 18th, Sweetheart!


Liana said...

I've got prayers for your friend Rick and hopefully you made it across the Canada line without falling in love with one of those Canadian patrol guys. They can be soooooo cute!

Cydney said...

My prayers go out to Rick & his family. Enjoying reading about your adventures! Be safe!