20 June 2010

Experiment is Complete...

Ok....so the sheep shop experiment is complete and turned out great after 6 starts...eek! 
Next on the needles is lace, not big orange lace, but tiny lace weight alpaca, tiny lace scarf, tiny size 4 needles (actually big for this type of knitting) and lots of holes...I love it so far, but I still have 300 yards to go, so we'll see how much I love it next week, or the week after that, or the week after that.....

So....comment about my friend Carole, who has just changed her Ravelry photo to a sticker that says, "i knit so i do not kill people"....love it!  I think the irony that she is using two pointed needles to deter her from killing is great....and Carole and the laughter that I'm sure comes from her as she does this (because she has a great sense of humor and fun)...is perfect.

Random thoughts about the last week or so...
1.  Driving into Chicago on a Sunday afternoon should be joyous, except for just before a Blackhawks game during the Cup Playoffs.  Now I know for all of you Hawks fans, it was ok to sit in traffic for an extra 1 1/2 hours to catch that, but for this Wings fan, who had been on the road for 8 hours already, yelling at the Garmin wasn't enough of a release....so I did what I do, I took pictures....see all the red tail lights.

2.  While in Chicago (north side, no hockey game), I was able to see my friends David and Joe...I can't express how it filled my heart to see these boys again...to talk and catch up....to notice that we all need reading glasses and to remember being younger, being silly (which really hasn't disappeared) and being friends...that never goes away, thank God.  A few pics from dinner with David and touring with Joe...

David and I on the beach in Evanston...Blurry and dark on purpose...makes me feel better.  We've agreed, no photos....I wish I had one to post when we were near this spot together in 198????...you know, a long time ago.
 Millennium Park
City from Lake MI                                                        Strolling Navy Pier in search of pirates
Joe's Pirate Buddies                                                         Joe and Giorgio 
 Yes Ashlyn, it looks like an ocean                                The Kristin shot...drinks from the Hancock
3.  Hanging at a spa in the middle of a waterpark, in Wisconsin, with the girls (no kids, drinks, a pool, lunch and Paco)....what a great way to spend a Friday.  Paco sure does get around.  Remind me to tell you who he is some time.

4.  Driving from the Wisconsin Dells to Flint....much better with a ferry ride across Lake Michigan.  Was good to sneak up on Muskegon and be on home turf.  The nap wasn't bad either.  Ok...it was.  I was one of the last cars to board, which meant one of the last ones to get a upstairs for a seat.  I managed to find one, but not what I was hoping for.  I was looking forward to a window seat, enjoying the lake ride and a read followed by a nap....this was not to be.  The people (man and daughter) were sitting inside and were in and out every time I fell asleep...what is up that I'm still miffed about this and people's lack of courtesy.  Every time I fell asleep, he tapped me on the shoulder, woke me up and I had to get up to let them in or out.  I sound old, but I really don't understand people these days.  We're so used to being isolated with our email and texts, that we have no idea how to behave with actual people any more.  This rant isn't over, but for this page....enough is enough.

5.  Sushi with friends is the best.  Now don't get me wrong...when you have to get your sushi on, it can be done alone, but the sharing is more fun.

6.  My brother is a cool dude and I love hanging with him.

7.  My Mum is a cool chick and I love hanging with her.

8.  I was in a dressing room in TJMaxx (no, none of those things worked for me), while listening to a woman have a conversation with another woman on speaker phone, while trying on clothes...this was a new one for me.  The conversation was about phone gal finding herself, which apparently she couldn't do in Flint, understandable, but now everyone knows, which is probably the main reason she had to leave.  I wonder how many other people in Flint have heard her life story over speaker phone.

9.  Happy Father's Day to my Uncle Nick.  I'm so glad I've had you in my life.  I ate a coney for you.

Ok...so I think that catches us up.  I've finished reading Sookie #10 and have moved on to "The Girl Who Played With Fire"....and my last thought this morning....I love Nashville, but it's not 97 in Michigan.

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