22 June 2010

A Little Wine and Renee...

Ok...so I spent the evening last night with my cousin Renee...just hanging, drinking wine and catching up.  I did get to meet the neighborhood dogs...this is quite the dog walking neighborhood....and dinner from BadaWest.  All around a great evening.  It amazes me how when I look at her face, I see everyone in my Dad's family...how does that happen?  Ok....I know HOW it happens, but it still amazes me.  What I need to know now is how she got the tiny person genes and I got the amazonian genes?  How is she wearing a size 5 shoe and mine are size 10....although, I do have pretty groovy shoes regardless of size.  I think the petite genes where on one size and the athena genes were on the other and when the time came, they didn't care to mix.  It's one of the things that makes us different when there are so many that make us alike.  Here's to childhood of Sundays under the dining room table playing with Renee and Greg.

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