24 June 2010

English 101

Ok...so yesterday I had lunch with Linda, my dear friend of many years and former English teacher (junior high....eek).  It was Linda's birthday and I hope she had a wonderful day....we had sushi, so that couldn't have been a bad addition to the celebration.  As usual, I talked her ear off trying to catch up and as usual, the conversation closed in on books.  Linda has recommended so many books that I have loved and it seems whenever we chat; online, phone, in person....we always come around to book recommendations.  I love this part of our conversations.  I love that we have similar taste in material and that she is so willing to share, because you know that books and reading are all about sharing.  So we swapped titles until we meet again.  Linda is one of the reasons I constantly think about moving back to Michigan... 

So, Happy Birthday dear Linda....if I move back, will you knit with me?

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