19 May 2016

Sewanee in Spring

Ok....just beautiful on the Mountain in Spring (really any time of year)....

18 May 2016

Spinning Dicentra

Ok....beautiful to look at and beautiful to spin....polwarth and silk blend from Lisa....

11 May 2016

A Different Sock

Ok....those of you who know me and sock knitting, know that my preference and what I wear most is thick raggi knitted socks.  Love the making of them and the wearing of them.  So when I purchased some sock yarn from Wild Hair Studio, I wasn't sure how I would feel about the knitting.  I have knit socks on 1 and 2 needles, but not my favourite to knit.  I am knitting these socks on a 4 needle and enjoying every minute.  The yarn is so soft and wonderful to knit with.  Cheers to Wild Hair and their sheep.

They will be at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival over Memorial Day weekend so you can pick up a bit for yourself.

06 May 2016

Fair Isle in Merino

Ok....I'm surprised I'm saying this but this Woolfolk Far is the softest yarn I've knit with.  Every stitch was a pleasure.  Can't wait to work with it again.  And a special Thank you to Estelle for modeling for a photo.