29 August 2013

The Lake and Food

Calm Lake Michigan
Ok....what would a trip to southwest Michigan be without a few lake pics and the food by the water....  Dinner the first night was in Holland at BoatWerks  which sits on the water.  Gorgeous night to dine out watching the sun set on the lake as we anticipated (highly anticipated) heading to the hotel to spin outside by the fire pit.

Saturday dinner was at Salt and Pepper in Holland with Tara (up from Hicksville) and Karen (over from East Lansing).  So good to see both in a great setting of fibre and food. Sunday morning was our time to walk the beach....weren't sure we wanted to do it since it was so humid, but as the day wore on and the breeze called, it was a lovely day for a walk and a shop in Grand Haven.

Peach Pie in a Jar......oh, my yum

Someone had left an amazing sand castle city on the beach....complete with alligator

The pier from Boatwerks
Roasted avocado and salsa

First dirty martini

The wind farm on our way through Indiana




25 August 2013

Humphrey and Jan

Ok....so the camel was back this year.  I heard on the news that he was a late sleeper, but he was awake and visiting when we got to the barn.



22 August 2013

Michigan Fibre Festival 2013

Ok....so once again, Jan and I made the trek north to the Michigan Fibre Festival....the weather was beautiful, the lake was beautiful, the fibre was fun and plentiful, the friends came with good times and happiness.....ahhhhhhhhh.



21 August 2013

The Little Chevron

Ok....onward to another blanket for this year.  However, this little blanket was completely knit and came apart in the wash....I'm now over it...but it took a little while.

The blanket has now been frogged, yarn straightened and re-knit....ah!

12 August 2013

Spinning Jan's Grades

Ok....two from this weekend....  They're lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing them knit up....now, what to knit?