29 July 2013

Weaving with Eleanor

Ok....I had the opportunity last Thursday to teach a weaving class to a special little girl...Eleanor.  She picked up everything easily and was a delight....what a fun evening...how lucky I am.

23 July 2013

New Pattern

Ok....third throw of the year complete.  This one is for Sarah in a simple panel lace...pattern is here.  Enjoy!
PS....also did this pattern with a silk hankie for a scarf.


17 July 2013

Reversible Circles of Russian

Ok....I'm so excited about this and yes you heard it right....my Reversible Circles of Lace pattern has been translated to Russian...thanks to Kate.  You can find the pattern here.  Thanks, Kate for helping out the Russian gals.

15 July 2013

Coburg Pier

Ok....my last day in town ended beautifully with ice cream cones and a walk along one of the Cobourg piers...lovely.  The ice cream was good...and all over some of us and the view was beautiful at a great time of the evening.



13 July 2013

Canadian Rail

Ok....so on the same drive about south eastern Ontario, we happened through Havelock, a small town with a train depot and a lot of rail.  Mitchell inspected the caboose, while we checked out the area.  It was Canada Day and good weather, so everyone was out and about....everywhere we traveled.  It was a nice drive along with a Tim Horton's Iced Mocha Latte to complete the adventure.

10 July 2013


Ok....I can hear it..."what is that?"....it's a pile of stones made by Inuit or other Artic peoples as perhaps a landmark or for navigation.  I love it and they can be found here and there as low as the lake region.  While out and about on a drive we stopped at a trading post and what do you know....


02 July 2013

Lake #1

Ok....so it didn't take me long to find my way to a lake once in Michigan....Lake Michigan to be specific...in St. Joseph.  Beautiful day...as hot as Nashville, but with water.