24 May 2013

For Kathy

Ok...like clockwork...on schedule for your birthday, the magnolia have begun to bloom. Happy Birthday!

16 May 2013

For Ashlyn

Ok....so sometime last year (yes it's been that long), Ashlyn said....."Would you make me another blanket.  I love the one you made me when I was little and I still use it, but I'm taller now."  How could I resist such a plea. 
So I struggled with pattern, but not really colours because she does love blue and green.  I found the Ella Rae Seasons yarn, which is mostly acrylic (a must for a college student) and very soft.  Once I played with the pattern a bit and figured out the gauge and size I wanted, I was off.  I did have to take a break to finish a time sensitive project, but got right back to it.

So, Happy Birthday Ashlyn....21 looks great on you!!
Completing this makes 2 of the 7 I would like to knit this year.

13 May 2013


Ok....Hey everyone...allfreeknitting.com is having a contest to name this pattern....jump on over to get your title in...they're choosing a winner on May 20th to get some yarn....

08 May 2013

Magnolia in Bloom

Ok....so when I'm working from Mum's, I work at the dining room table.....which has a view out the front door....which lines up perfectly with the Magnolia tree.  It's a white magnolia and when I arrived it was a stick.  By the time I left, it was in full bloom and smelled wonderful.  This is what I saw during my time working from that spot.


Side note:  The first picture was on a day it snowed and sleeted. 
PS.....The last is a bloom from the purple magnolia, which I wish I could see bloom in full.




06 May 2013


Ok....so I'm on the throw/afghan/blanket making kick.  At first I thought, "I think I'll make one a month".....well, you know what happened to that idea.  I'm now going to make 6 or 7 this year.  I still think it's pushing it because there are so many other things I want to work on, but there you have it. 
Here is the first....a graduation present for Meghan.  You can find the pattern here from my pattern page.  Was fun to knit and came out beautiful, soft and cozy.  Knit with James C Brett Marble Chunky.  I first saw Reyna using this yarn for charity projects and since I needed to use acrylic for this project, I thought I'd give it a go.  I will be using it for most of this year's throws since they also have to be acrylic.  Also got to shoot it in front of Mum's blooming magnolia...