16 May 2013

For Ashlyn

Ok....so sometime last year (yes it's been that long), Ashlyn said....."Would you make me another blanket.  I love the one you made me when I was little and I still use it, but I'm taller now."  How could I resist such a plea. 
So I struggled with pattern, but not really colours because she does love blue and green.  I found the Ella Rae Seasons yarn, which is mostly acrylic (a must for a college student) and very soft.  Once I played with the pattern a bit and figured out the gauge and size I wanted, I was off.  I did have to take a break to finish a time sensitive project, but got right back to it.

So, Happy Birthday Ashlyn....21 looks great on you!!
Completing this makes 2 of the 7 I would like to knit this year.


lej619 said...

what a great blanket!!! love it
what pattern did you use??

Christina said...

It's an Ann Norling pattern called Ripples to Knit & Crochet.

Liana said...

It looks lovely and you know I love, love, love that blue!! Ashlyn will love it and will be oh so cozy for that college student!

Karen said...

Very nice, C!