06 May 2013


Ok....so I'm on the throw/afghan/blanket making kick.  At first I thought, "I think I'll make one a month".....well, you know what happened to that idea.  I'm now going to make 6 or 7 this year.  I still think it's pushing it because there are so many other things I want to work on, but there you have it. 
Here is the first....a graduation present for Meghan.  You can find the pattern here from my pattern page.  Was fun to knit and came out beautiful, soft and cozy.  Knit with James C Brett Marble Chunky.  I first saw Reyna using this yarn for charity projects and since I needed to use acrylic for this project, I thought I'd give it a go.  I will be using it for most of this year's throws since they also have to be acrylic.  Also got to shoot it in front of Mum's blooming magnolia...

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LeAnn said...

I want to knit afghans...for me. Is that selfish? But, instead, I'm working on a gazillion other projects (for me...again...selfish).