30 October 2011

Home via the Smoky Mountains

Ok.....so we came back to Nashville though the Smoky Mountains in October....we stopped for boiled peanuts and apples.  Once you have these apples, there is no going back to the grocery store......enough said.


28 October 2011

Biltmore Village - Ashville

Ok.....quickly interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for the follow PSA....

Fiber in the Boro is tomorrow....join me at Lane Agricultural Park, John Rice Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM… lots of Daily Fiber goodies, an agility llama and other creatures, great vendors and yummy locally-sourced food. Come on down (or up!) We even have an all-day spinnner’s circle!

Ok.....so on Saturday, we decided to check out Biltmore Village rather than go back to SAFF.  I know, only one day, this is unheard of.  But the key to fiber festivals is to go until you're finished, don't feel like you've missed anything, or have reached your budget limit.  For us, we were excited to see some of the galleries in the Village and enjoy the beautiful day outdoors. 

Our adventure began with a yummy Mexican breakfast....well, everything else had a long wait or wasn't opened and we were hungry.  So, into Neo Cantina we popped for a very good start to the day. 
Then off to Bellagio Art to Wear Gallery.  This was a wonderful shop full of beautifully inspire clothing and accessories.  Although it is a clothing shop, it was like strolling through a gallery....double treat. 

Next on to New Morning Gallery conveniently located right next door.  This was a amazing.  Room after room of art for living.  There was plenty of art to just hang up or eye, but more than that was art for everyday living and use.  Beautiful and again inspiring.

Then to The Tree and Vine.  This is a relatively new olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting shop.  Oh what fun we had there.  I think I finally like balsamic vinegar.  Lovely when it's done right.  We tasted and bought and tasted and bought until we realized it was time for lunch. 

So on to The Book & Breadboard for a yummy lunch, which was too gorgeous to eat, but we ate it anyway.

We couldn't leave the Biltmore Village area without taking a stroll through the local yarn shop, Yarn Paradise, which lived up to it's name, with several rooms of yarn and many, many people knitting and visiting. 

Our evening was relaxing and quiet.....good company, good conversation, a view of the lake and alpaca throws.......what more could a girl want.....

25 October 2011

SAFF for real

Ok.....a few pictures of the event.  We had a gorgeous day....gorgeous weekend for the event and all other activities in Ashville. 
For those of you who don't know, SAFF is a festival of fibre and animals held each fall in Ashville, NC.  So, we wondered, we looked, we touched, we bought, Jan dyed and Darlene and I knitted.  In the middle of this we all waited in a long line for a weenie or sandwich and cheese fries.  Ah....life at the fair. 

There were a lot of shops represented and a few independent dyers.  We saw all kinds of beautiful items and believe it or not, the two women I started conversations with were from Michigan.  Usually works that way.....we're everywhere.

23 October 2011


Ok, so I'm heading out to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) this week.  Now just to be clear up front, I am a crazy fibre junkie, but in this case, I'm also looking forward to the drive into the beautiful Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee.  So beautiful this time of year.  Jan, Darlene and I are out for a little adventure and a lot of fibre.  So this will be my first time attending the event and I've heard that it's a good show.....did I mention that it should be sunny and beautiful with the leaves changing?  Does look like the three mice are in for a little cold weather....good thing I like sweaters and have a few.

18 October 2011

Lunch in the Park

Ok.....so on Monday afternoon, I joined Liana in Centennial Park for lunch.  What a great idea....why didn't I do this sooner? 
School was out and that meant a lot of kids in the park, which is always fun to watch.  Also, Centennial Park is the large city park near downtown Nashville.....and large city park usually means city people.  Always interesting!
For those of you who don't know, there are two things that happen when you have lunch in the park.....first you relax....you forget about work and what you have to do and you just relax.  In my case I also knitted for a bit. 
The second thing that happens is you have visitors, because remember....LUNCH in the park.  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful little escape.  Reminded me of a better time.  I highly recommend it.

13 October 2011

Fiber in the 'Boro

Ok.....so I'll be participating in yet another Fibre Festival and am so exicted about this event.  For years, fibre has been included in the Murfeesboro Harvest Festival, however, this year.....the fibre gang is breaking out.  Based on what I've heard of this festival in the past (I have not attended), it sounds as if everyone is very excited about this move and the response has been amazing.  I'm also so very excited because many of my photos have been used on the site.  Take a look.  The site is beautiful and flows well thanks to Darlene Dralus.  On October 29, Murfeesboro, TN will play host to a one day fair at the Lane Ag Center. Check out the website for more info...vendors, classes, etc. I will be vending with Daily Fibers and LV Ltd.  You'll definitely have to stop by for a visit and to see what's new. 

I'll be teaching a drop spinning class along with Darlene Dralus.  Check out this link to sign up.  Come join us.  Learn to spin the low tech way that you can carry anywhere.  It is a great first step if you’ve never spun before and a handy way to carry your spinning with you if you already spin on a wheel.  No experience needed. You will receive a kit with a drop spindle and one ounce of fiber. 

It's official (by the amount of leaves on my lawn).....fall is here.  Ahhhhh!

11 October 2011

Seriously....More Beads

Ok.....I know you can't believe it, but these should be the last two for a bit.  I'm gearing up for the Murfreesboro Fiber Festival....Fiber in the Boro.  More to come on that soon.

Also, I've posted the Raggi Sock pattern that I do on Ravelry and on the blog.  Enjoy!

04 October 2011

More Beads

Ok....more beaded spinning.  Enjoy!!

The Rust is a dark BFL, weighing in at 320 yards.   The Sea Glass is mixed BFL, Tussah silk blend that came in at 339 yards.  Both are beautifully colored by Jan Quarles of Daily Fibers.

03 October 2011


Ok....so I've been making a lot of socks lately.  This started with the socks I made for Mitchell's while in Canada, which you can check out at this post.  Next came the socks for Ash...here.  Now I've completed a couple more pair for my little man and have begun the five pair I'm making for Colleen.....I'm on a sock roll.  Not to be confused with a sushi roll, which actually sounds pretty good right now. 
I'm well on my way to the third pair of the five.  I'm a sock machine.....ha!