23 September 2011

On a Spin

Ok.....so you know that I've been spinning a BL (remember the cute picture) and silk blend...2 lbs to be exact...that I purchased at the Michigan Fibre Festival....well....it's finished.  One month after I started, I have completed the spinning and plying.....and.....I have 2700 yds. 
So, if I choose to, I can probably now make a sweater instead.  I still have three more that are in 1 lb batches, but now I know I can do those.

I've also finished Ash's Christmas socks (shh, don't tell her) and a hat for Mitchell.

I love the fall weather we've been having lately....just had to be said.

And, yesterday while at Lowe's to pick up something to kill the black ants and bagworms that have invaded my trees (a warm weather activity, correct), I couldn't believe that all the Christmas decorations were out.  No more patio umbrellas (which I actually need since my died), but instead yard santas and reindeer.  I think that puts a whole new meaning to "WAY TOO EARLY"...just saying...

1 comment:

Katherine Hall said...

Okay, loving the hat! Can't wait 'til you put it on him, Christina.

Mom is here and loving Ash's Christmas socks...oops, right, that's supposed to be a secret.

So amazing.