09 September 2011

Run for the Border

Ok...am I really going away for another weekend...yes, I am....this time over and along another two of the great lakes....Lake Huron and Lake Ontario.
 I am headed into bear and moose country with my Mum to see my family....ah, Canada.  This jaunt will take me to the cottage area along Lake Ontario and to my little man.  Ah, the adventures that await me.

So I arrived in the afternoon after an uneventful drive (which any of you who cross the Blue Water Bridge know is a miracle sometimes). 
My little man, Mitchell, was there to greet me along with the rest of the family....and he remembered me.  What an amazing feeling.  To say we had a blast is an understatement.  He has started to talk and along with understanding what he wants now (adamantly), it's hours of entertainment for the Godmother.  To say he's too cute just doesn't cover it.

We had wonderful dinners cooked by Kathy, great drives and shopping, lots of laughter and...the lake.  Some pics of the trip follow.  Enjoy. 


Liana said...

Such gorgeous pics. I feel like I'm traveling with you. and to say that your little man is adorable....well, that just isn't strong enough.

josie said...

really beautiful pictures. your trip looks fun, relaxing and gorgeous.

Katherine Hall said...

Okay, so come back soon so I can cook more for you and Mitchell can play with you at the waterfront!!! Beautiful pics, Christina! Mom and Dad and I are here enjoying them...