15 September 2011

Knitting with Mitchell

Ok, so you all know my knitting traveled with me to Canada.  Now my intention was to knit at least one sock for Mitchell so that I could get the correct measurements....and that I did do.  I actually knit the entire pair, which worked out better than expected.
This pair of socks, however, was knit in part my Mitchell as he sat on my lap and helped.  What fun!  Every time I asked if I could try the sock on for size, he promptly dropped whatever he was doing, came over, sat down, peeled off his shoes and socks and waited patiently for the fitting.  Again....too cute.  He was fascinated with the yarn, just as a cat would be....waiting for you to turn your back so he could stretch it out of the living room into the kitchen. 

So, as you all know, when you're making socks....the process is one at a time.  Well, I had completed one and he wanted to wear it.....photo op......this kid walked around forever with the one sock and his shoes.  Priceless!

On Sunday we visited the town of Coburg.  I love this quaint little town and of course the waterfront.  There is a huge fountain that Mitchell waded through....more photo ops.
My Michigan boy was sporting the seasonal fan look encouraged by his Godmother.

On our way home, we passed by the alpacas, Shetlands, goats, hens....and everything else on old MacDonald's farm.....yes, no joke....Mr. MacDonald.  I was yelling to the alpacas that I wanted a fleece (and Mitchell was helping), but they didn't jump the fence and give me one.

Upon leaving Monday morning, my Mum gave Mitchell the gift she had brought for him.....a remote control car.  Needless to say....huge hit.  The drive back was fairly smooth...regardless of the hour wait to cross back to the States and the border guard who wanted to know if I was a country singer....seriously, me....seriously.  Apparently his in-laws live in Cookville.  Don't everyone's?

And here I am back in the States and preparing for the journey to the south.  What a wonderful adventure away from the heat and near so much water......ahhhhhhhh.........


Liana said...

I think Baba Tia will agree that he is just too adorable for words. What a wonderful little man!!!

ash said...

that child is precious. you need to kidnap him so i can babysit ;)

Katherine Hall said...

Loving these pics and reliving the visit and fun we had! He loves his socks, too. And that remote control car, well, that thing has to get hidden in the potato bin or he'll sleep with it. Geez.

Ash, can't wait for him to meet you!