03 September 2011

Boyne City and the Lake

Ok....so here I am...day two on Lake Charlevoix.  How wonderful it is to wake up, open your eyes and not even move before you see the lake. 

This was my fortune.  I was in a bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and doors to the deck and lake.  I'm thinking it can't get much better, but then I walk into the kitchen and Colleen has coffee waiting...just got better. 
After chatting and enjoying our morning coffees, we head into Boyne City for the farmer's market;  tomatoes, corn, scones, ciabatta bread and wait for it....fresh made cherry pie....yum! 
We visited a few shops in town and now I think I have a problem.  So, you see, when you are in lake country or woods country or anywhere near a Canadian border, the decor changes.  All of the sudden bears, fish and moose are everywhere...I love it!  Seriously!  Colleen's place is a log home with this decor.  Every store has it...it's great.  So, the problem....I now have a moose thing.  As we shopped I gravitated toward everything with a moose on it.  What's up with that?  And then the bear thing started.  I bought a bear thing.  The fish....well I've have the fish problem since I was a child. 

So let's talk apples.  Michigan is known for it's yummy apples....well, the trees are full of them.  The cherries were harvested in July so I didn't get to see full cherry orchards, but the apples were everywhere.  Types I'd never heard of, types I had and all looking delicious.

The remainder of our day way spent on the dock...in the sun and breeze...with music and conversation and...the water.  Again....this day just keeps getting better and better.  But how can it go wrong when you wake up so grounded, balanced, zen.....


Liana said...

What an absolutely delicious day!!!

Cydney said...

Pictures are gorgeous!