31 August 2011

More Lake Time

Ok....so I know it's hard to believe, but my second weekend adventure is....wait for it....more lake time.  This time Lake Charlevoix in northwest Michigan.  Yes...right into the woods and Lake Michigan.  I met my dear friend Colleen for a little R&R at her cottage.  Did I mention we'll be on the lake?  And of course, my knitting made the trip as well.

Of course, the moment I leave the city and start north, everything begins to change for me.  Once I make it to the thumb and through the construction (really....had to do this on my vacation), I hit the forest....the beautiful woods; two lanes of road moving through giant evergreens....ahhhhhhhh... 

Once I start to hit the northern towns, it's clear I'm "up north".  Although I was raised here and spent much time up north, I forgot how beautiful it is.  Michigan is a stunning state.  Everyone should come here at least once to experience the quaint towns, forests, dunes, lighthouses, cherries, blueberries, wine and the views....oh, the views; from the shore or the hills, daybreak or sunset...the views.  Ah...

The first day Colleen and I visited downtown Charlevoix.  It was misting a bit, but we're both pretty confident we won't melt, so we did a little shopping, a little looking and then a walk out to Lake Michigan.
 I did pick up some cherry preserves and vinaigrette....cause I'm all about the cherries...from American Spoon...yum.  Check out the site...all Michigan products and wonderful food combinations. 

Lovely afternoon with my friend.

I'm currently in the process of spinning up the border leicester/silk blend I purchased at the festival....2 lbs....what was I thinking...oh, yeah...wrap.  So far I have done well, although it doesn't look like I've made a dent.  I am enjoying spinning this fibre and a first on this type of wool for me.  So far, I have 658 yards....seriously...nice.  This wrap may grow into a sweater if the yardage continues to grow at this rate.

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Karen said...

I keep trying to hit the LIKE button. I'm so damn jealous!!! Enjoy it. Bring a bunch of that lake 'tude back here for sharing, will ya?