03 August 2011

Spinning and Cooling

Ok.....so I bought a new refrigerator.  Big deal you say....ha!  For those of you who have listened to me complain about the small refrigerator in my house, you know....this is huge.  Not only is it bigger, but it has the freezer on the bottom.  No more looking for veggies and cheese on my hands and knees.  It's sad....but this is exciting.

So a little spinning of some batts.  I'm really pleased with the result on these.  The first is a hank of BFL/Black Welsh Blend and the second is a Merino/Silk/lots of bits of things blend. 
They are both plied with something else (rayon and merino respectively)......with a lot of yardage and curb appeal.

I have been working on a beautiful knit shawlette thingie out of a cashmere merino blend yarn and an electric blue....gorgeous...  As I have now not only completed the written pattern but an additional edge design to use up the yarn.....and fully opened it up....discovered that it is too small for me.  It might be great for someone else, but for me....too small and it has to be frogged.  It's killing me.  I can't do it....the pain.

I have started on Ashlyn's Christmas socks.  The official measure and kick off party was last night.  Ash and I saw X-Men and cooked orzo with veggies in celebration.  I'm using a hank of Indigo Moon yarn I received in a Ravelry swap and giving them a little pattern to hold my interest on the size 2 needles.

Also, I will now get back to the pie wedge shawl because it's not as a painful right now.  Oh the agony of my blue cashmere scarf...

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Ash said...

aw i never got to write anything in your post =[ next time!!