25 August 2011

More and More

Ok.....so here we are again, up for breakfast and out to the festival as it opens.  This time...there were many people, more vendors, more animals and a chance of rain.
So, the animals....we talked with many people and learned so much about sheep and goats and camels (again) and llamas and alpacas and rabbits.....we were just soaking up the animal info.  There was animal judging, which I know nothing about....."wow, they're so cute," is not a category.  "that one is huge."...not a category.  "those horns are really....." also not a category.....so, I stick to looking at the beautiful fleeces.
Jan and I both fell in love with an Icelandic sheep named Donna from Queso Cabeza Farm in Olivet, MI.  Jan made friendly with a Lincoln Longwool and for some reason, I was chatting up the angora goats. 
I was actually talking to a lot of the sheep too; making eye contact, complimenting their look....you know, the usual.

A great fun moment was the herding demonstration.  So much fun.  BFL vs border collie. 

We wondered through the vendors we had not yet seen awaiting Carol from Chicago.  We had a meet up in the festival.  Carol was coming for some Cormo fleece from Alice Field of Foxhill Farm, Lee, MA.  Well, we all got Cormo....lovely, soft Cormo. 
Then, it rained....yes at lunch time...it rained and rained and the wind blew and it rained some more.  But we were prepared with umbrellas and the sense to head for the pavilion before the downpour.  Now let me interject here that in the pavilion was the bluegrass band.  Makes sense with all the fibre and animals....however, those of you who really know me, know this type of music just hurts my ears......so soaking wet or bluegrass.....I listened to Carol, tuned out the bluegrass and stayed sort of dry.
So, we had been festivaling most of the second day and we were done....saw, touched, smelled everything wanted to, but there was a piece missing....we still needed to paw through our horde and play. 
We spent the evening spinning our wonderful new fibres, with a dinner break at Pereddies (Washington Square, Holland, MI).  Yum!  So I ask....could there be a better evening?

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