18 August 2011

Better Than Before

Ok....so I have finished the cashmere electric blue scarf I finished once unhappily.  It's much better this time.  Still not what I would have wanted, but much improved for wearing.  While knitting this yarn has been a pleasure, not getting the result I was hoping for has been an unhappy ride.

On that note, I'm taking a ride.  Jan "Daily Fibers" Quarles and I are leaving on an adventure today.  We pack the car with clothes (because we have to), spinning wheels, fibre, knitting, reading material and snacks and we point north....yes north....hopefully away from this heat and to Michigan......the lake, the Michigan Fibre Festival and did I mention, the lake.  We are on an adventure.  Two gals, two wheels, two nooks and the need to adventure.  What will we find?  What will we see?  Join us on the road.

Today we make the first stop of our adventure....now let me add here that first we have to get out of Nashville during morning rush hour, which seems like some sort of an adventure on it's own, although not the pleasant type.  Is there such a thing as an unpleasant adventure?  Shouldn't they all be pleasant just by virtue of the word itself....that's the theory/story/idea/fairytale I'm sticking with.  Once we leave TN and KY we'll hit....the Mass Ave. Knit Shop in Indianapolis.  I love this shop because everyone is so friendly and they have a massive amount of yarn.  Looking forward to a stop at one of my Indianapolis regulars.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Karen said...

I hope you both enjoyed your trip to Michigan (so jealous in multiple ways)!

Come back from Allegan and the lake all refreshed and recharged.