23 August 2011

In the Beginning

Ok...so when last you left your two heroines (it's my story and I'm making us heroines), we were headed for the north.  Finally I was off the highway and taking pictures of the wild dinosaurs.  This is something I've always wanted to do, but with Jan, I found the courage for this safari.  We had a smooth trip into Michigan and up to Holland.  Holland sits pretty much on Lake Michigan and not too far from the fibre fest....our purpose. 

After checking in and unloading....might I add here that when Jan stepped from the car she was amazed and happy with the wonderful temperature outdoors.....
we decided to try a restaurant called Piper, mostly because I wouldn't shut up about eating by the water.  Good food, good martini, great view and great company. 

We arose for breakfast and made it to the festival just as it started on Friday morning. 
Festival Plan:
*Step 1 - find the bathrooms

Step 2 - find the fibre

Step 3 - find the animals

Step 4 - find the food
Step 5 - repeat from * until all pooped out

Weather was a little warm, a little stuffy in the barns, a little bitching from me.....but then there was the fibre, and the yarn, and the baskets, and the hook kits.  We were in heaven.  At this point, some of the vendors were not yet there and not many animals to peruse.  We decided we had to come back on Saturday to participate in the additional festivities. 

However, there was Harry....Harry the Camel....entertaining the Friday festival goers.
Not something I expected to see...but a wonderful treat.  We spent the day at the festival, dined on hot dogs and grilled cheese from the Otsego band boosters booth and finally found our way back to the hotel to unload and look for yet another restaurant on the lake. 
This time it was Boatworks....right on the water...lake perch, sunshine, boats, another martini...a relaxing evening.


Worldygirl (Jan) said...

What a great road trip diary--says

the other heroine...

Liana said...

What a wonderful trip you guys are having!! I feel as if I'm there with you and enjoying those delicious meals by the water. can't wait to see the luscious fiber when you get home.

Karen said...

I'm glad you guys had a great trip. I loved what Jan told me about her impression of Michigan.

One of these days, I'm back going to go to Allegan for the fiber festival.