17 August 2011

Lickety Spin

Ok....so Saturday was the monthly meeting of the Nashville Spinsters....great group....join us if you have a free second Saturday.  I was able to finish two hanks.  I have no idea why this came so easily and quickly this week.  My feet were running a marathon on the Journey Wheel and my hands were just following along.  Perhaps it was because I was thinking of all the chores I had to complete this weekend, perhaps I was chatting fast therefore spinning fast....perhaps I just wasn't paying attention.
The more we chatting the faster I seemed to spin....it was a whirlwind of fibre flying.  I love this monthly opportunity to see all the wonderful and varied projects people are working on, meet new spinners, see new people learning to drop spin, have lunch and chat....catch up....

These are my Saturday projects.  The Red and Black mixture is a superwash BFL dyed by non-other than Jan of Daily Fibers.  Pleasure to spin and exciting to watch how it evolves into a hank of yarn completely different through each step.

The second is a lavender and sage merino silk blend.  It's soft and calming.  Great spin also from Jan.

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LeAnn said...

Love love love that yarn on top. I am SO ready for fall!