10 August 2011

Do Over

Ok....so I mentioned when last we met that I had made a shawlette that didn't turn out as long as I would like....and my anguish over having to rip it out....but it is done....it is ripped and I have started again.  I would appreciate it if everyone would do the dance of joy in hopes that this time I get it correct.  Usually, I would have just left it alone and put it in my gift pile, but this is one I really want to wear, so it's important to me to get it to a place where I will indeed actually wear it.  The first photo is the before....I know, you don't have to say it....it was nice the way it was...but it was too short. 

This is what I reduced it to in order to start again.  The pain has almost dissipated.  It had a lot of work in it prior to the frogging.

I am currently working on wedge 4 of the pie wedge shawl....coming along fine so far.

I have completed to possum socks and am half way through two more pair.  I'm surprised the difference in knitting with a size 1 vs a size 2 knitting needle.  Who would have thought that the one size would make such a vast difference in the speed with which I could knit.  I'm actually enjoying the socks on the size 2, while the socks on the size 1 have been put in time out (as Cathy would say).  I have to be in a better place for them to be my friends again.

Have started a new adventure in cooking...with.....yes, believe it....a pressure cooker.  Now, when my brother said, "you have to get one of these, you'll love it"....I thought he was nuts.  Why would I buy something that looked, cooked and scared me in a very archaic way.  But I saw what his all electric unit could do and now I'm hooked.  So I made the purchase and have been enjoying wonderful pasta, legume and meat recipes without much fuss.  Now, I love the fuss of cooking....the slow, methodical process...love it....but sometimes, you just want easy...enter the pressure cooker.  I'm in all the way on this one.

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