31 August 2010


Ok.....the cat is out of the bag on the mystery project, because I just couldn't keep it in any longer.  I have told Kathy about the Christmas present, so here I am to post the pictures.  The sweater is made with Plymouth Mushishi....wool and silk blend...beautiful yarn and perfect for this project.  I have to say, I really am done with seed stitch for a little while.  Didn't seem bad when I was making the body panels and had fun cabling to shake things up, but seed stitch only for the hood....never did 8" seem so long....  But now it finished and has moose buttons and I'm happy with the result.  I hope my little man loves it too.

29 August 2010

College Bound

Ok...Ashlyn, here's to beginning the next chapter in your life.  You have your license and car...now off to college you go to perfect your art skills, your tai chi and of course...fishing.  I hope you meet wonderful people and making lasting friendships.  I hope you have adventure and lots of laughter.  I hope you learn a lot, draw a lot and most of all continue to evolve into the amazing young woman you have already shown yourself to be.  There will always be a movie, some pasta and a fruit pop here for you.  I love you, dear girl.

24 August 2010

Autumn Wishes

Ok....so I'm wishing for Autumn, which seriously has to be just around the corner.  I figured maybe if I start knitting an Autumn project, maybe it would be like doing a rain dance....maybe Autumn would see that Mitchell needs to wear his new sweater and come sooner.  Of course, Mitchell is in Canada and I think fall is coming there already, but not here.  So right now, Kathy is probably thinking....what do you mean Autumn wishes....stop wishing, winter will be here sooner then too.  But down here in the southeast....Autumn is what I'm holding onto.

This project is a blast.  So much fun to knit.  I know it looks like a blob on needles right now, but the colors are fun.  Love this fibre.  I can just picture my little cutie running around in the yard and leaves with this sweater on. 

Let's be honest....seems like everything I see for children I want to make for Mitchell.  I'm afraid that this child will grow up in grandma looking knits and the other kids will make fun of him.  Please tell me this won't happen.  I grew up in all kinds of knits and none of the kids made fun of me....but maybe I blocked that and I need to see a counselor to unlock the trauma....naw...didn't happen.  I hope at least, he's always having fun in the duds I'm knitting up for him.

Finally today....I am going to Vermont on vacation in October.  I've always wanted to see the area and of course, it is my personal belief that New England is one of the most beautiful places in the fall.  I look forward to seafood, lakes, ocean, mountains, cool towns and hanging with my buddy Linda....  Now you probably get a little more of an idea why I'm wishing for Autumn. 

 The three additional photos are from Lake Massapoag, Mass.  Great days there with Paul....reading, watching, drinking coffee....ahhhhhhhh!!!!

17 August 2010

My Little Man

Ok....just a quick shot of my little man.  Thanks for caring my shoes around for me.  Thanks for making sure I put my shoes on.  Thanks for pulling all the shoes out of my bag and trying them on.  Thanks for all the giggles, smiles, kisses and hugs.  And thanks to your Mum for sharing you with me. 

10 August 2010

A Study in Dead Dasies

Ok...not much explanation here....I had some daisies that died and they looked amazing....

On another note....Colorado mountains sound really good right now...
And yet another note....good to see my friend Linda's face again....pedicure and sushi does a girl good.

And for those of you who have been in my house....a bonus....

07 August 2010

Fate, Destiny, Karma

Ok...so I've been thinking a lot lately about fate...destiny....what puts us somewhere physically or emotionally in our journey on this planet...you know, that.  Sometimes I don't believe in this, sometimes...you know.  How do we end up in certain positions (good or bad), how do we end up with certain people in our lives (good or bad) and is this the universe setting us on the course we need to be or is it all random?  So, while I don't have any answers, I have some thoughts. 

I think people come into our lives for a reason.  Sometimes that may be because you need something from them, sometimes because they need something from you...but it seems like the universe is putting people together so we can help each other out; support each other, guide each other, hold each other's hands, cry and laugh together....maybe grow old together, maybe not.  While it doesn't always seem apparent at the time, eventually it becomes so.  If this is truly what's happening, then shouldn't we take the hint, shouldn't we make the most of that time when we have it, shouldn't we reach out to to hold onto the gifts we've been given? 

I feel like so often, I put my head down and spend too much time inside my thoughts and feelings and don't appreciate the people I have been given.  I do know this; sometimes I part ways with people on good terms or bad, but I can always look back at some point to recognize what that person brought to my life.  So, what do I do about it now?  How do I move forward in my life to be grateful for the people and the lessons I have known/had/experienced?  I want to be open to everything that comes my way and I fear that my past keeps me from allowing myself to be vulnerable.  Aren't we all like this in some way?  I  mean, who wants to put themselves out there all the time when they have been hurt so much....but we are all hurt, not just me....and the only way to fully be human is to feel and to feel must start with opening up and being vulnerable in this moment. 

Today, I am thankful for my gifts...the wonderful people I have crossed paths with...who have given and taken.  I hope that somewhere, someday, somehow...someone is grateful for me too.  This I know for sure...we are shaped and guided through experience by the people in our lives...how can we not believe that we are all connected? 

And oh yes, karma is real.....

PS....wishing for a winter's day in the middle of the summer heat.

06 August 2010

Traveling Woman

Ok...this shawlette/scarf was made from Koigu for a class I'll be teaching in the fall at Haus of Yarn in Nashville.  I'm very excited to be teaching again...looking forward to meeting with people over this groovy pattern.  I wasn't sure how it would block out since this is the first time I've worked with the Koigu sock yarn and it was lace and not socks.  I'm pleased with the result and looking forward to this class...in Oct/Nov....when it's cooler...  Meg (from Haus of Yarn) is modeling the scarf and I think it looks great with her coloring and the black and olive clothing.  I had to post the fishface too.... 

The gals at knit night really liked it as well....that is very telling as to the success.  You may think something looks good, but if a group of knitters concur, then you're good to go.  Overall, big hit.  Thanks, gals. 

The project is currently hanging on display at Haus of Yarn in Nasvhille.  Take a look, buy some yarn and sign up for a class...

My mystery project is coming along really well and I'm looking forward to the day I can post it and give it.

My drum came yesterday.  I ordered an African Tribal drum....so excited.  Let the music begin!!!!

04 August 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

Ok.....so I haven't been writing for several reasons....here goes....it's hot.  I know, but I mean really hot.  I spent my graduate years living in Arizona, and I'm pretty sure it didn't feel this bad.  I have shut myself indoors as much as possible to watch everything outside die without enough water.  Stepping outside is quite literally like stepping into an oven...you know that feeling when you reach into your oven to pull something out....yes that heat.  That being said, I have been doing small indoor household repairs and....knitting (pictures will follow shortly).  So, I am enjoying all the time (and excuse) to knit.  I have been working on a shop model for Haus of Yarn for an upcoming class.  Yes, I'll be teaching a couple of classes this fall and am very much looking forward to that.  I love to teach and I'm looking forward to meeting more knitters...what fun.  I have also been working on my mystery project.  I'm sure you hate not knowing what it is, but for now....mystery is the word.  It's hard to keep this secret because it's gorgeous.  I'm also starting to look around for a sweater pattern for the peace fleece I picked up at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  Preparations for fall/winter wear have begun in this horrible heat.

A week ago I received some very bad news about the tragic death of a 14 year girl.  Although I briefly met this girl, I am very close to her aunt and uncle and their pain is tremendous.  I think more than anything, I am struck by the senselessness of such a loss.  I am not a mother and can never say that I know this pain, however, as a human being and someone who loves and is always amazed by children, I am saddened at the magnitude of this loss.  I do not understand how we who have lived longer survive while a child leaves us.  This always surprises me.  Somehow I feel her empty space on the planet.  This is one of the main reasons I stay away from the news....I don't know what it is with me....but the emotions of what I see happening on this planet sometimes get away from me.  I pray that her family can find a rhythm in this life without her that will gradually ease from pain, but this cart has lost a wheel and will forever limp.  God keep you near, Angelena.

I'm listening to my water fountain in my office and trying to get myself out of this blue haze.  Maybe I should get off my bum and block the new scarf.  Or, maybe not......