24 August 2010

Autumn Wishes

Ok....so I'm wishing for Autumn, which seriously has to be just around the corner.  I figured maybe if I start knitting an Autumn project, maybe it would be like doing a rain dance....maybe Autumn would see that Mitchell needs to wear his new sweater and come sooner.  Of course, Mitchell is in Canada and I think fall is coming there already, but not here.  So right now, Kathy is probably thinking....what do you mean Autumn wishes....stop wishing, winter will be here sooner then too.  But down here in the southeast....Autumn is what I'm holding onto.

This project is a blast.  So much fun to knit.  I know it looks like a blob on needles right now, but the colors are fun.  Love this fibre.  I can just picture my little cutie running around in the yard and leaves with this sweater on. 

Let's be honest....seems like everything I see for children I want to make for Mitchell.  I'm afraid that this child will grow up in grandma looking knits and the other kids will make fun of him.  Please tell me this won't happen.  I grew up in all kinds of knits and none of the kids made fun of me....but maybe I blocked that and I need to see a counselor to unlock the trauma....naw...didn't happen.  I hope at least, he's always having fun in the duds I'm knitting up for him.

Finally today....I am going to Vermont on vacation in October.  I've always wanted to see the area and of course, it is my personal belief that New England is one of the most beautiful places in the fall.  I look forward to seafood, lakes, ocean, mountains, cool towns and hanging with my buddy Linda....  Now you probably get a little more of an idea why I'm wishing for Autumn. 

 The three additional photos are from Lake Massapoag, Mass.  Great days there with Paul....reading, watching, drinking coffee....ahhhhhhhh!!!!

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LeAnn said...

Gorgeous pics. I'm wishing for autumn too. October is my favorite month.