04 August 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

Ok.....so I haven't been writing for several reasons....here goes....it's hot.  I know, but I mean really hot.  I spent my graduate years living in Arizona, and I'm pretty sure it didn't feel this bad.  I have shut myself indoors as much as possible to watch everything outside die without enough water.  Stepping outside is quite literally like stepping into an oven...you know that feeling when you reach into your oven to pull something out....yes that heat.  That being said, I have been doing small indoor household repairs and....knitting (pictures will follow shortly).  So, I am enjoying all the time (and excuse) to knit.  I have been working on a shop model for Haus of Yarn for an upcoming class.  Yes, I'll be teaching a couple of classes this fall and am very much looking forward to that.  I love to teach and I'm looking forward to meeting more knitters...what fun.  I have also been working on my mystery project.  I'm sure you hate not knowing what it is, but for now....mystery is the word.  It's hard to keep this secret because it's gorgeous.  I'm also starting to look around for a sweater pattern for the peace fleece I picked up at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  Preparations for fall/winter wear have begun in this horrible heat.

A week ago I received some very bad news about the tragic death of a 14 year girl.  Although I briefly met this girl, I am very close to her aunt and uncle and their pain is tremendous.  I think more than anything, I am struck by the senselessness of such a loss.  I am not a mother and can never say that I know this pain, however, as a human being and someone who loves and is always amazed by children, I am saddened at the magnitude of this loss.  I do not understand how we who have lived longer survive while a child leaves us.  This always surprises me.  Somehow I feel her empty space on the planet.  This is one of the main reasons I stay away from the news....I don't know what it is with me....but the emotions of what I see happening on this planet sometimes get away from me.  I pray that her family can find a rhythm in this life without her that will gradually ease from pain, but this cart has lost a wheel and will forever limp.  God keep you near, Angelena.

I'm listening to my water fountain in my office and trying to get myself out of this blue haze.  Maybe I should get off my bum and block the new scarf.  Or, maybe not......

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