29 April 2014

In Progress

Ok.....so the preserved lemons are still doing their thing...takes about three months.....so stay tuned.

The limoncello is almost finished....the steeping is over, the simple syrup has been added...now a few days of flavor melding and.....

23 April 2014

April Square

Ok...here it is...

20 April 2014


Ok.....so a little different Easter than usual but a lovely day....with a lobster dinner from Menemsha.

13 April 2014

The Glass Onion

Ok....so back to a favorite restaurant on Cape Cod, The Glass Onion in Falmouth, MA.  Charming little place with a simple, clean and flavorful menu of perfect bites.  We opted for sharing appetizers, which is never a bad way to go especially after a late lunch.

To go with our wine we had oysters

A caprese type dish with a twist of roasted tomatoes 

And an amazing duck liver pate either marble rye toast and marmalade...  This pate is not to be missed.  Mmmmmmmm........

05 April 2014

Gray's on Main

Ok....many of you know that I often take pictures of my food...not sure exactly why except so often...it's just beautiful.  So, I've decided to post some of the photos....here we go...

Gray's on Main in Franklin, TN - groovy vibe in the place.  And check out the history of this once pharmacy.  Now a restaurant with an interesting take on southern food...I found the wait staff friendly, personable and knowledgeable.
The drink menu is varied but there is a focus on brandy...old school seasonal brandy drinks.  So many to choose from.  Honestly I couldn't select....so our server said what do you like or not like and do you trust me to tell the bartender to make that for you?
What I ended up with was the Fernet & Falernum...described in the menu as Fernet Branca with a house dram of lime, ginger, almond and allspice.  Now, not usually what I would have chosen, but so yummy.
And the food...   So rather than go with an entree we decided to share some of the yummy looking appetizers.

Shrimp and Grits....as you can see very different from the every offering down here (that's Yankee talk for the south)

Pecan Crusted Okra...crispy take on the usual fired southern side with a comeback sauce...spicy and creamy.

Fried Pimento Cheese - ok....now I am one of those people who loves pimento cheese...come on...cheddar, roasted red peppers, maybe a little mayo and some zing.  Well, this version is gooey, slightly spicy, creamy and hanging out with moonshine red pepper jelly.  The touch of sweetness brings out the zing.  This was my favorite of the evening.

Truffle Fries...just like it sounds...spicy fries in truffle oil topped with shaved Parmesan.  Yum...enough said.

We also had the Prosciutto Pizza, which I didn't get a shot of, but also highly recommend.  We already knew this was a do over, but as we finished we saw some entrees coming out to other tables and that sealed the deal....need to check out the entrees next time.

Also, there is music....usually on the weekends so check out the schedule.  Their site is very complete with a history of the city, building and store front as well as anything else you might need.  Enjoy!

01 April 2014

Deco Columns Throw

Ok....new knitting pattern up.  Loved working on this.  It's huge but knitting very quickly. Check it out!!