25 October 2011

SAFF for real

Ok.....a few pictures of the event.  We had a gorgeous day....gorgeous weekend for the event and all other activities in Ashville. 
For those of you who don't know, SAFF is a festival of fibre and animals held each fall in Ashville, NC.  So, we wondered, we looked, we touched, we bought, Jan dyed and Darlene and I knitted.  In the middle of this we all waited in a long line for a weenie or sandwich and cheese fries.  Ah....life at the fair. 

There were a lot of shops represented and a few independent dyers.  We saw all kinds of beautiful items and believe it or not, the two women I started conversations with were from Michigan.  Usually works that way.....we're everywhere.

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ash said...

you my friend, are a true knitting knerd!!! <3