28 October 2011

Biltmore Village - Ashville

Ok.....quickly interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for the follow PSA....

Fiber in the Boro is tomorrow....join me at Lane Agricultural Park, John Rice Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM… lots of Daily Fiber goodies, an agility llama and other creatures, great vendors and yummy locally-sourced food. Come on down (or up!) We even have an all-day spinnner’s circle!

Ok.....so on Saturday, we decided to check out Biltmore Village rather than go back to SAFF.  I know, only one day, this is unheard of.  But the key to fiber festivals is to go until you're finished, don't feel like you've missed anything, or have reached your budget limit.  For us, we were excited to see some of the galleries in the Village and enjoy the beautiful day outdoors. 

Our adventure began with a yummy Mexican breakfast....well, everything else had a long wait or wasn't opened and we were hungry.  So, into Neo Cantina we popped for a very good start to the day. 
Then off to Bellagio Art to Wear Gallery.  This was a wonderful shop full of beautifully inspire clothing and accessories.  Although it is a clothing shop, it was like strolling through a gallery....double treat. 

Next on to New Morning Gallery conveniently located right next door.  This was a amazing.  Room after room of art for living.  There was plenty of art to just hang up or eye, but more than that was art for everyday living and use.  Beautiful and again inspiring.

Then to The Tree and Vine.  This is a relatively new olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting shop.  Oh what fun we had there.  I think I finally like balsamic vinegar.  Lovely when it's done right.  We tasted and bought and tasted and bought until we realized it was time for lunch. 

So on to The Book & Breadboard for a yummy lunch, which was too gorgeous to eat, but we ate it anyway.

We couldn't leave the Biltmore Village area without taking a stroll through the local yarn shop, Yarn Paradise, which lived up to it's name, with several rooms of yarn and many, many people knitting and visiting. 

Our evening was relaxing and quiet.....good company, good conversation, a view of the lake and alpaca throws.......what more could a girl want.....

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