21 July 2010

Garden Witchery

Ok...so today I was commenting to Marlene with disgust about the state of my orchids and why they will NOT produce flowers for me.  I noted that my Mum's orchids are flowering for a second or third time and she does nothing.  She doesn't read books about what to do, she doesn't scan the Internet about how to care for them, she doesn't talk to everyone she knows about what she can do better.....they just flower.  So, we drew the following conclusion; my Mum has put a spell on her orchids, she has been weaving some magic over there for them to obey without so much as anything more than an ice cube of water...she has bewitched her yard.  As you can see from the flower photos I have posted from her yard....I am right.  No doubt about it, I did not inherit the garden witch gene.  I have the plant succulents (cacti) because they don't die gene...the non-green witch gene.

On another note...the lace scarf is finished and blocked....check it out.  I'm very happy with the result.  Note that I like to take pics of my work on the kitchen table so the patten shows...ha.  I've also added an updated pic of the orange scarf blocked.

Now off to knit some more lace.
PS....thank you to Kristin for the groovy coffee groupon...come drink it with me.


Cydney said...

Beautiful! You are so talented!!

Katherine Hall said...

This is a work of art, like all your pieces. Just beautiful!!!