15 October 2012

Ah, Disney....

Ok...so the remainder of the trip was spent at the Vero Beach Disney Resort, compliments of my dear cousin Kathy....thank you for a relaxing week.

Now, here I was in Key West thinking....Vero Beach will not be as hot, because it's north, much further north....ha.....ridiculous thoughts.  It was exactly the same...hot, humid, steamy, hot and more humid....but, with the ocean outside the door, all seemed worth the sweat.  Needless to say the beach time was amazing, the drives and meals were wonderful and the kids were so much fun.

I was on wildlife alert at all times, but no alligators for me or sea turtles....although I did see plenty of eggs and nests.  I did see dolphins, which was beautiful.  I heard of many shark sightings from the beach while I was at the pool, but other than a washed up baby hammerhead....I did not actually see Jaws.

Also, I did not see any of the Disney characters, which is a good thing for them and me, since I think I would rather see Jaws. 
PS...four books were consumed and four socks were made during the course of this week. 

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Katherine Hall said...

Jaws over characters...bahhahahaha! I remember that character breakfast at Cape May Cafe well!

The pics are beautiful and I am so very happy that you enjoyed and relaxed and finally took time for YOU. You deserved every gorgeous (albeit holy hannah hot) moment.

I love you muchly!