04 November 2011

Ghost in the Machine

Ok....so sometimes, when the work day is done and I'm exhausted, all that sounds good is to put the TV on and knit....  At my house however, there is a ghost in the machine....my TV to be specific.  For some reason, my TV and someone's ham radio or phone or whatever...are on the same wavelength.  This is all the entertainment I need sometimes.  The voice belongs to a man, very craggy and very, very southern.  Not Nashville southern, but redneck southern....does this make sense?  Of course I only hear one side of the conversation, but it's hilarious....  Just so you all know....somewhere on 46 there is someplace REALLY readnecky according to the voice.  I wonder does he hear my TV?  Does he think, were is that crap coming from?  Does he like Grey's Anatomy?  Ah.....the quiet evenings with my redneck TV buddy.

1 comment:

Liana said...

THAT is spooky!!! Wonder where he's at on 46 cause you know that's the highway I take to go home. He's probably my neighbor! heehehee