12 January 2011

New Stuff

Ok...snow day weaving....playing with stash fibres....

Please note, the Nashville Public Library is taking food in place of dollars for payment of fines January 10th - 20th....good time to help out and pay off your fines.  I couldn't believe the numbers I was hearing while waiting in line today....seriously $123.00 in fines...seriously, you can't take your books back for that long?  And why does the library let him keep taking books out....clearly there is an issue.  But really....the program is great...if you have fines....wipe them out with some canned goods.

On another note, I heard from Anna Marie of the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Folks and the hospice sale was a success.  I believe they sold almost everything and mine did go.  I'm so glad.  I'm going to start putting things away for next year.

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Katherine Hall said...

OH my gosh, I'm totally grooving on that last woven masterpiece - love it so!