29 January 2011

New Loom

Ok....so I've been sick and out of commission...not much knitting going on although I have done a little spinning.  And....I warped the new loom and finally finished the scarf.  Scarf is Noro lace and silk....very different experience, but a good one.  Have I mentioned I love my new loom.  Back to bed I go.


LeAnn said...

Sorry you've been sick. Me too. Too sick to knit is waaaayyyyy too sick. Hope you're better now.

Liana said...

Glad you are finally on the mend. I am totally loving your scarves and your handspun. You're doing such beautiful work!
Bring to knit night so I can fondle. :-)

Gene said...

Those look like tobacco twists.

Your photos are excellent! Thanks for setting Heather up the other day... but now I'm all worried somebody will recognize the backdrop. :)