01 February 2011

More Weaving

Ok....I know you don't believe me, but I have been knitting too, just nothing to show yet....  On that note, here is a little more weaving....  The funky black eyelash and mohair scarf was and experiment and I'm just not sure about it yet.  The taupe scarves are learning stitches with the same Kudo yarn and I'm pretty pleased with the result and of course really love the Kudo.  I have a little more I'm going to weave with.  I'm trying my hand at weaving with mohair and it's not as bad as I thought it would be.  I love experimenting with different fibre types....has been interesting.  Of course, a big change has been lace weight which was one of the reasons I purchased a bigger loom.  This completely changes how you think about weaving and how you work the project....slower, more patience needed and fun!!!!

PS.....hope everyone in the greater Nashville Metro area enjoyed the weather over the weekend.  And for you poor people in the new Arctic circle (Michigan, Ontario and New England)....I'm sorry you have 50 ft of snow and have to shovel more.  It is pretty, but I'm sure you're all sick of it.

PSS......I've noticed on all the blogs and ravelry that everyone seems to be in this mode to finish the UFOs....is that like a New Year's resolution that is sweeping the country and I missed the memo?  I don't think I have any UFOs....that said, my problem isn't finishing projects, my problem is there are so many projects I want to make and they talk to me, that I freeze.  I stare at Masterpiece Theatre all night because I really don't know what to do first.  This is just silly, but it happens at my house.  This is my resolution....stop the voices....don't listen to the projects....don't believe them when they tell me they have to be first....buy all their little mouths duct-tape.....  But it's just hard to say do whatever hits your interest at that moment because they all do.  They all smile at me through their duct-taped little labels and there I go again.  In love with too many projects, too many yarns and never enough time.

PSSS......Is there such thing?  Thanks for all the well wishes.  I'm still battling this...whatever it is....but it's getting a little better.


Jan said...

Gorgeous work! I am glad to hear you're getting better bit by bit...

Ash said...