16 February 2011


Ok....I have added a tab to the site for my patterns (upper left under the header).  I intend to start writing these down.  So feel free to take a look.  Only one there so far.  I just finished Ashlyn's Chullo made with Raggi Sock Yarn.  Love the way it looks, love the way it knit up and I think Ashlyn will appreciate that she can wash and dry it.  She'll be stylin' on campus and warm.

So... I'm often struck by something someone says, maybe a line, maybe a fragment of a thought....that stands out....seems to have a life of it's own, or....is just plain funny.  Oddly enough, many of these phrases sound like perfect starters to a painful country song.  So here we go, a couple from this weekend...

Jan - 2.11 - Al killed my Gremlin. (while discussing first cars)

Kendall - 2.12 - I wish it would get warm.  I got cigars for Christmas and it's too damn cold to sit outside and smoke them.


Ash said...

yay i cant wait to have my hat it looks suhweet! except its like, 60 degrees out right now... maybe itll get cold again!

Katherine Hall said...

Way cool hat! Ash, you need to take a picture with it on so Christina can post it!