12 February 2011

Birthday Stuff

Ok....so today was the day....started out a little questionable, end up much better.  I did see 'The King's Speech'....run do not walk to the theatre to see this.  Amazing film, acting and shooting...the cinematography was beautiful.  Hands down the best film I've seen in a long time.

The Yellow Porch....pretty much my favourite restaurant in Nashville and they didn't even mind that we hung around for a long time on a Valentine's weekend.  And can I say Passion Fruit Tart ....Holy crap....YUMMMMMM!!!!!   Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and to Jan for hanging with me all day and Kendall for joining the dinner party.  And the lovely flowers from Dan and David and Chocolates from Kelly....mmmmmmmm........

I had intended to write about getting older and what I have learned, blah, blah, blah.....but I had two great glasses of Mettler Petite Sirah at dinner and the philosophy has left me.  I'm older and all I know is that each year, I realize I know less and less and have so much to learn.  THAT, is an exciting thought.  Cheers to 2011.

PS....I did buy roving again...it's a sickness.


LeAnn said...

Happy Birthday!

The Hall's said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Cuma Christina! We love you!

Katherine, Greg and Mitchell xoxo