10 February 2011

Sunny Winter Morning

Ok....so one of the things I like the most about my house is the direction is faces and the sun in the backyard.  Because of the way the trees are and the way the sun rises sort of over the house....the sun hits the tops of the trees in the back and they're golden when everything else is still blue from dawn, shaded and shadows.  I've seen it so many times and it still stops me each time I walk by the windows.  It's beautiful.

And the wonderful wet snow that clings to each branch outlines everything outdoors.

I have been weaving and spinning and knitting, but today, just pictures of snow and flowers from Mum.  I've been enjoying this special treat all week.  I do love my Mum....she's a cool chick.


Liana said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Love the pics. The one metal sculpture piece of art looks like a girl with one pigtail!
I can't wait to meet your Mum, she does sound like a cool chick.

Katherine Hall said...

I so miss you and being at your home. So beautiful in winter and always.