28 February 2011

Thoughts on movies and a little spinning on the side

Ok....so a brief nod to 'The King's Speech'...amazing film and worthy of the awards received.  I am a little disappointed that 'True Grit' didn't get a thing....another wonderful film. 

Yesterday I decided it would be good to get out a bit (Saturday was tax day here).....and went to see 'The Eagle'.  Now, the film isn't great and the history is way off base, but it was two hours of losing myself in one of my favorite pastimes.....and looking at the Scottish countryside...well, that was fine....oh and did I mention Roman soldiers....  Anyway, I have known for a long time that I have a movie ritual....small popcorn layered and a diet coke....napkins under the popcorn while holding it so butter doesn't get all over me (happened too many times to count)...and chocolate if possible.  Yesterday I realized that every time.....I mean every time I go to a movie, whether with someone or alone....I think of Uncle Nick, because he has the same ritual, even though we live a country apart.  If you were to watch us, the motions are the same.  We discovered this a few years ago and even though I have tried to change it up, I still come back to the same thing.  Now, Uncle Nick and I are not related by blood so it's not genetic, but he is like a father to me....so maybe I absorbed this.  Who knows?  But each time I do this (which is often)...I think of him and smile.  Can't wait until the next time we can see a flick together.

So, I have been wheel spinning...on Jan's borrowed Journey Wheel.  I have been afraid of the wheel since I tried a few times and failed miserably.  But on February 19th....Darlene and Jan were kind enough to host a spin in for me personally.....and I was off.  The first few rounds were like rubber bands they were so over twisted, but slowly but surely, they have become a little more even.  I'm now working on thinning out the fibre and consistency.  Can I just say....I LOVE IT!!!!!  Of course you all knew I would...but I was not so sure.  So, now the quest for a wheel begins.  I have my eye on a Matchless...we shall see.  I leave you with some pics of my wheel spun yarn....do you believe it?


Liana said...

Gorgeous!! You have rolled it with it and you are spinning like a pro! I see you discovered the mosaics from BigHugeLabs. Isn't it fun?

Katherine Hall said...

This is just amazing! Wow! Go girl! Like art hanging in your bath!